Author - Amit Even

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Apple Introduces: the New Memoji

Talk about giving its users something new to play with, we are expecting new emojis. According to the reports, users of Apple products will soon have more emojis to make their communication even more fun. We are expecting not 10 but 70 new emojis.
This is to...

Nature & Tech

Help? How to Overcome a Fear of Flying

For years I found the concept of flying hard to get over. One of the first things I ever remember hearing about an aircraft was the name – Concord. While I would have been around 8 or 9 at the time, we didn’t have the money to go on holiday outside of...


The Hidden Horror of the Beloved Otter

As one of the most adorable animals in the world, few animals inspire such forced choruses of “Awww!” than the beloved otter. However, behind those cheery little smiles and fluffy faces, there lies a hidden horror… an evil so profound that it’s quite...


What’s Up With Johnny Depp?

During the weekend, A picture of Johnny Depp surfaced online and the actor was nothing but a shadow of himself. The actor/musician who is currently on tour with his band posed for a photo with a fan and the picture got online.
Johnny, 54, looked so frail and...

Tech News

Digital Sales Down. Vinyl is Back, Baby!

About a half-decade ago, I remember having a chat with my Dad, to do with the Sony PlayStation 4. He was really impressed that, instead of having a fleet of discs lying around the place for my games, I would just download them all from the online store and...