Author - Amit Even


What’s Up With Johnny Depp?

During the weekend, A picture of Johnny Depp surfaced online and the actor was nothing but a shadow of himself. The actor/musician who is currently on tour with his band posed for a photo with a fan and the picture got online.
Johnny, 54, looked so frail and...

Music Tech

Digital Sales Down. Vinyl is Back, Baby!

About a half-decade ago, I remember having a chat with my Dad, to do with the Sony PlayStation 4. He was really impressed that, instead of having a fleet of discs lying around the place for my games, I would just download them all from the online store and...


Watch: Rare Shark Videod Near Underwater Volcano

Ocean engineers go on long journeys in the rivers, sea, and oceans in hope of finding new underwater species. The deeper they venture, the more likely it is for them to find something rare and unseen.
A National Geographic team caught something on video which...


Welcome Khloe Kardashian’s Newborn!

When you’re looking for something to be happy about – babies and puppies always do the trick! Especially if they belong to loved celebrities we like to follow. Khloe just gave birth and it’s time to get updated. She and Tristan have been...