Author - Harry Anson

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The Most Stunning Libraries Around The World

If you were to speak to someone of a generation prior to the present, you might hear them talk about libraries. While I won’t pretend that ‘millennials’ don’t know what a library is, some people will have spent little to no time in one. What’s the...

Science & Nature

The Earth Map Is A Lie!!!

Turns out the Earth actually is flat. Those YouTube accounts with suspiciously large followings might just be right after all.
Sorry, jokes aside. It turns out that the world map that most of us grew up observing, though, might not be true either. The world...


Incredible Star Wars Inspired Robot Up And Running

While the concept of building robotic platforms might be the thought process of evil masterminds, such technology is an exciting prospect. One man appears to have taken his sci-fi childhood inspirations to the next level, however. Hampshire-based Matt Denton...


Are You Left-Handed? You Should Read This

There are more right-handed people in the world. It is normal to see these people writing or performing normal actions using their right hand. On the other hand, a small group of people perform these regular things with their left hands. I am sure many people...


Crazy: China Has An Internet Court

Should we be surprised? Well, considering the fact that there are millions of active internet users in China, there are bound to be so many disputes. The high demand for internet access can put a strain on the Telecommunication companies who may not provide...