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Never Seen Before Amazing Historical Photos!

Photography was invented around 1800, by British inventor Thomas Wedgwood. Well, actually he was the one to have thought of creating permanent pictures by using a material coated with light-sensitive chemicals (just an FYI).
In the two centuries that have...


Watch: American History Found In A Dumpster

Sometimes, I’ll find myself sitting around in the middle of the day, perhaps waiting for a parcel. I’ll find myself half drifting in and out of some kind of show whereby people ring through trash and mess to try and find a few items that have genuine...


Watch: Motorcycle Show Off Fail

Boys may eventually grow up and become men on the outside, but they will still be little boys in their hearts. Their toys also change – from the plastic bike in the dollar store to the big, heavy machine that requires real manpower to handle and costs...


Celebrities At Their Grooviest Moments

With today’s social and political climate, people are craving hope, joy, and unity now more than ever. In the past, the public has looked to entertainers during hard times to be distracted, or as means of a release of the day’s tensions, and often even as...


That Exact Moment… Funny and Amazing Photos

Sometimes, we capture the perfect moment on camera. It is rare, but when it happens it’s priceless.
These photos each have a different story to tell. Whether they were intentional or not, what they caught was funny, ground-breaking, emotional and...


Is The Online World Taking Over?

There is no question that advances in technology have brought huge benefits to humanity – the eradication of diseases like smallpox, space travel, an internet that allows us to communicate with people across the planet in seconds and software that makes our...


Most Memorable Red Carpet Fashion Moments

Any red carpet event has its moments. Oftentimes it doesn’t really matter what the event it, as long as the stars would be seen on the red carpet. And they look amazing of course. Some put their minds to how they would look, and some are just radiant no...


World Cup 2018 – The Supporting Wags

While everybody is expecting to see their favorite players get on the field, there are some who look away from the field and search the stands and sidelines. They are searching for the supporting WAGs of these famous players.
Some wives and girlfriends stay...


The Famous Parents of Famous Celebrities

Famous Father: Tom Hanks
Known for:  Forrest Gump and Seepless in Seattle
An academy award winner, Tom Hanks has been in our favorite hits on the screen for years. who could forget his heartrending performance in Forrest Gump, or his break-through hit...


Logan has Left the Building

Although Hugh Jackman hung his claws as Wolverine after seventeen years, the fans of the X-Men series can rejoice in the fact that his last movie might just be the best in the bunch.

Hugh Jackman, who has recently successfully beaten cancer for the sixth...