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Rare Photos You Won’t See In Schools

Photography was invented around 1800, by British inventor Thomas Wedgwood. Well, actually he was the one to have thought of creating permanent pictures by using a material coated with light-sensitive chemicals (just an FYI if you ever get asked about it).

We have gathered some of the most valuable historical photos– So, flip through this ancient album and enjoy!

Before Stardom

This is now world famous actress, French starlet Brigitte Bardot. this picture was taken a few years before she became famous. As you know, stars are not born famous. In this picture (taken in 1953) she is only 18 and visitng, for the very first time, the famous film festival in Cannes, France, where, in a few years, she will rule as the most famous star around.

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Photography was invented around 1800, by British inventor Thomas Wedgwood. Well, actually he was the one to have thought of creating permanent pictures by using a material coated with light-sensitive chemicals (just an FYI if you ever get asked about it)...


Never Seen Before Amazing Historical Photos!

Photography was invented around 1800, by British inventor Thomas Wedgwood. Well, actually he was the one to have thought of creating permanent pictures by using a material coated with light-sensitive chemicals (just an FYI).

In the two centuries that have passed, photography evolved from a sitting to a Kodak moment and now to Snapchat and Instagram. More pictures are being taken around the world every two minutes, than all the pictures ever taken during the 19th century as a whole.

We have gathered some of these historical photos, but not only nice looking photos – photos of meaningful events in the past, some of them shaped our lives forever, some of them are pure fun. Go on – start digging into the past, in chronological order!

1969 –  Doar Yebba (Abbey Road backwards)


Yes, the Beatles are walking the opposite direction and Paul is wearing sandals! During August of 1969, the Beatles ran many different photos to see what would work best.

Here you can see them walking the opposite direction than the one that was eventually selected for their classic ‘Abbey Road’ album.

1862 – London Underground train

he First Ever Underground Train Journey, Edgware Road Station, London, 1862

In the year of 1862, London was the first city ever to run its own Underground Train. In this picture, you can see the very first day of launching the train at Edgware Tube Station.

Underground trains have since grown and helped change our lives for the better – most of you can’t even imagine life without these trains.

Keep on, there’s more history in these pages:

Photography was invented around 1800, by British inventor Thomas Wedgwood. Well, actually he was the one to have thought of creating permanent pictures by using a material coated with light-sensitive chemicals (just an FYI).
In the two centuries that have...


Watch: American History Found In A Dumpster

Sometimes, I’ll find myself sitting around in the middle of the day, perhaps waiting for a parcel. I’ll find myself half drifting in and out of some kind of show whereby people ring through trash and mess to try and find a few items that have genuine value. Most of the time, I laugh and cringe at the absolute tat that people try to sell off at auction houses, with inevitable failure. Sometimes, though, I’ll see someone make so much from a finding that I start gazing around Google Maps to find local sites to start scrounging around in.

While I never do it myself, some people do it plenty – including Max Brown. Max was picking through a dumpster for a part of a community project in Incline Village. As he kept digging, he found an old classic set of 1980s cassette tapes: as a bit of a collector, he had a quick look to see what he had found. Underneath them, he found a pile of about 15 books – well-worn, but very important looking. As the rain began to pick up, he grabbed the books and made for safety. A massive snow-storm hit that night, and wiped out the dumpster’ remaining ingredients.

What Brown did pull out, though, would be mildly life-changing.

After a good few months had passed, Brown decided to take a look at the cover of the books. On the first page, he found the words “from the library of Thomas Jefferson” written down. For three years, Brown spent his time analysing the books and eventually going through close to 220 years of American history to find some answers.

Sadly after going to an appraiser, he was told that these were not real: fakes, he was told. A waste of time, effort and money.

A Turn Up For The Books

However, Brown was later watching an episode of Pawn Stars and came across a book that seemed to match the one that he had found. Invigorated by the contradiction in what he was previously told, he got back to investigating the book.

After much searching in the Library of Congress, Brown found that the books in the dumpster appeared to be re-bound by Jefferson himself in 1818. Upon further investigation, he found that this was none other than Pierre Charon’s “De la Sagesse”, a hugely important 17th century book on topics like morality and wisdom.

Claiming to have ‘inherited’ the books, he took them to Endrina Tay, who works part of the Jefferson presidential library. After some back and forth, it was confirmed: these were indeed the books of Thomas Jefferson himself.

Sadly, he had already sold the books on for a decent but undervalued four-figure sum when he was low on cash. For another two years, though, he spent some time looking closer into how the books had been thrown out in the first place.

All the books he had found, upon further investigation, belonged to the Kellogg family. The books remained in their family for generations, before the trail runs cold at the name of Violet Cherry: a descendent of the family themselves.

While it means that Brown missed out on the chance of holding on to a rich part of American history, he was able to give back a photo album to the Cherry families living relatives. It might not have ended in the life-changing fortunes or fame that some would hope from finding something so special, but it’s a life experience that Brown is unlikely to ever forget.

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Sometimes, I’ll find myself sitting around in the middle of the day, perhaps waiting for a parcel. I’ll find myself half drifting in and out of some kind of show whereby people ring through trash and mess to try and find a few items that have genuine...


Watch: Motorcycle Show Off Fail

Boys may eventually grow up and become men on the outside, but they will still be little boys in their hearts. Their toys also change – from the plastic bike in the dollar store to the big, heavy machine that requires real manpower to handle and costs thousands of dollars.

While on the subject of toys, one thing is for certain. New toys are the best kind, right? They shine and glisten in the sun. Their lines so sharp, you think you will cut yourself if you touch it. But new toys also bring a sense of false confidence in their owner’s soul, which eventually brings us videos like this one.

Shot on the streets of Bellshill in Scotland, UK, a guy tried to do some sort of stunt with his brand new dirt bike, only to lose complete control of that thing and slam it several times. What was he thinking? He sure looks like he is ready for this endeavor he is about to face. Dressed in the signature dirt biker garb, with the armored suit and the proper helmet. But something seems to be missing…oh, that’s right – the proper know how to handle a bike that strong!

The guy mounts his bike and revs that engine so hard, sparks could be flying out of the exhaust. Too bad the filmer sat across the street, so we can’t tell for sure. He revved it too hard though, launching the beast from beneath him, straight into the window of an Indian takeaway restaurant. They both slam on the pavement and it seems that this is where his little adventure will end, but nope…

Our brake biker tries to get up and tame his beast, to little avail. Trying to grab the bull by the horns, it looks he mistook the throttle for the brake, making the bike go wild. And he loses control of it again, sending it straight for a parked car out front. The store window did not sustain damages, although the same can not be said for the car. Duuuude!

A lot of people complain about the revving of cars and motorcycles at night, and we guess that this guy suffered a bad case of karma. He wanted to show off his brand new GSXR’s beast of an engine, so he was probably revving that thing at max, which is also probably why this person got out on their balcony to record this idiot.

Unfortunately, he must’ve revved it too hard, since he flipped it over and wrecked it bad. Thankfully, the driver is left without a bruise, although the same can not be said about his dented wallet. And maybe his right ankle, since it did look like he twisted it during the fall. He does limp on it a bit.

Whenever handling a motorized vehicle, or any vehicle on that note, it is important to operate within safe circumstances. Safety should always be your primary concern. Thankfully this man was not injured. As for his ego, well…let’s leave it to the imagination.

Boys may eventually grow up and become men on the outside, but they will still be little boys in their hearts. Their toys also change – from the plastic bike in the dollar store to the big, heavy machine that requires real manpower to handle and costs...


His Wife Died After Giving Birth. What He Did Next Was Remarkable

This is a love story that is as beautiful as much as it is heart-breaking. They met, fell in love, had a baby, but Liz died while giving birth. What Matt did after her death was inspiring on another level.

It all started when high school students Matt Logelin and Liz Goodman met one sunny afternoon at a gas station. Both grew up in the Minnetonka, Minn. but when they met, it fuelled the beginning of a real love story.

Liz and Mat were both seniors in high school. Matt caught her eye and she approached him, the sparks flew instantly and the two became inseparable… that is until college time approached…

Overcoming Long Distance

As graduation crept closer, the high school sweethearts had to deal with the fact that they were enrolled in college in different parts of the country! Liz was headed for California while Matt was staying close to home at the University of Minnesota.
However, the distance was nothing for this couple who endured through it and stayed together throughout their degrees. Matt went on to complete his master’s at the Loyola University of Chicago. While contemplating the prospect of getting a Ph.D., he decided he needed to follow his heart, not his head.

Matters of the Heart

Matt realized he could no longer bare being so many miles away from his love. In 2005, he packed up his stuff and moved halfway across the country to reunite with Liz in Los Angeles.

Tying the knot

From there on out, the two lived their lives to the fullest. Liz and Matt, their love better than ever, traveled around the world making memories and exploring each other and the world around them. It was only a matter of time before Matt realized this was it and got down on one knee to propose to Liz in Nepal.

Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them

The day was August 13, 2005, when they said their vows to love each other endlessly in front of their friends and family. It was a joyous occasion to see these lovers taking life and their love by the horn… everything seems to be going great for the young couple.


Not only was their love life better than ever, but professionally the two were thriving also. In California, Matt worked as a project manager at Yahoo! While Liz was a financial executive at Disney. The two made the most of their new financial security and bought a home together. Things only got better form there.

The Baby Makes Three

It had been two years of marriage when the little family of two decided to expand in 2007, the pair were ecstatic to find out that Liz was pregnant with their first child!


The pair was on top of the world and told their happy news to their loved ones. The couple began to prepare to welcome their little one to the happy family they were creating. Little did they know that their lives were about to experience challenged they could never have dreamed of.

Launching a Blog

Many of Liz and Matt’s friends and family were still in Minnesota and were unable to be around for every step of their exciting journey to parenthood. The soon-to-be parents decided to do something about this and created a blog in order to keep their loved ones in the loop and update them on all the adorable steps of Liz’s pregnancy process.

Just an innocent photo

Matt’s favorite photo that they posted was one of Liz in which the excited soon-to-be mother is glowing and pointing to her growing belly. Little did they know that in the months that would follow, that very picture would become part of a widespread sensation.

Not the Easiest Pregnancy

Although the path seemed bright and happy for the loved-up couple awaited their first child, Liz did not have the easiest pregnancy. She was having severe morning sicknesses and after a while, the doctors ordered were for her to take a few weeks to rest in bed.


Matt, the protective husband about his wife carrying his child kept a close eye on his wife. It was hard to see his usually active and healthy Liz having to stay put in bed. She was then hospitalized for a few more weeks of bedrest. Throughout this all, Matt continued to keep updated on the pregnancy blog they had created. He could never imagine the words he would soon be writing on that very blog.

Rushed to the Delivery Room

Since Liz’s pregnancy was classified as high risk, she was wheeled to the delivery room twice, both times at least 7 weeks premature on false alerts. The doctors did not want to take any chances and kept a close eye on her progress.


Finally, it was actually time for the baby to enter the world. Liz was still barely two months premature and had to have an emergency C-section operation. It was then, March 24, 2008, that Matt and Liz Logelin’s life was about to change forever.

A Brief Look

The surgery went well and the pair welcomed their new daughter, Madeline (Maddy) Logelin. She weighed barely 3 lbs. 14 oz. The new parents were so happy and Liz got to see their beautiful baby girl for a short time (photographed). Because she was born premature, the hospital staff had to take her quickly to the neonatal ICU.

Updating with pride

Matt happily rushed to their pregnancy blog to let family and friends know about the birth, and wrote “The proud parents will continue to update everyone on our beautiful baby. Look forward to evening more good news.” But no one was expecting the news that would follow.

Waiting to Hold the Little One

Liz was not able to hold their daughter right away as she was still placed under bed rest for 24 more hours post-birth to monitor her. but once that had passed, Liz was prepped and ready to see her baby girl who was healthy and awake. Played in a wheelchair, she began to be wheeled to the ward.

Matt, who could not wait to have both of his woman in his arms, was there to help his wife practice walking around the room before they headed to the ward. It was about to be the moment they had all been waiting for, bonding time for the mother and child. But then, tragedy struck.

A Terrifying Blur

Matt carefully and caringly helped his wife into the wheelchair when she suddenly uttered “‘I feel light-headed” and collapsed in his arms. The nurses tried to calm Matt down and explained to him that it was common for women to faint post-birth.

But Matt could sense that something was not right, it was something worse than just a faint. Doctors and nurses began to react with more urgency, rushing frantically around the room. It was then that Matt was ushered out the room. left alone, feeling more helpless than ever he could not contain his panic.

27 Hours After Birth

“Suddenly there’s this ‘code blue,’ people rushing past me,” Matt painstakingly recalled. “All of a sudden it hit me,” he tearfully told The Guardian in 2011. “She was going to die, today, here in this hospital. And she was never going to hold her baby.”

It was only 27 hours, just more than a day after giving birth to their daughter Madeline, that doctors realized that a deadly clot had traveled to Liz’s lungs and caused a rare, fatal pulmonary embolism. This deadly clot took Liz’s life at just 30-years-old, hours after she had brought a life into the world. Matt was left a widow, a day after he became a dad.


It took just one day for Matt go from being on top of the world to feeling like his life was over. He was devastated. He was meant to be filing the pregnancy blog with pictures of the new happy family, and instead, his next post was only heartbreak.

From an elated birth announcement days before, Matt was now tasked to break it to their friends and family and post a heart-breaking obituary for the love of his life. “Five weeks ago … things were perfect,” he mournfully wrote in the blog entry entitled “Liz.” “On that same day, my world fell apart.

A Bittersweet Realisation

Can you imagine the conflicting and intense emotions experienced by the new father… his world turned upside down, he found himself a grieving devastated widow and at the same time an enamored new father. Not only this, but he was faced with the reality of having to learn how to raise Maddy by himself.

He was instantly smitten with his gorgeous little baby girl, but he had always imagined raising his child with the help of the love of his life and partner, faced with the prospect of going on the parenting journey alone along with the grief of losing his soulmate, Matt could not see the light,

Intense emotions

Matt was left in a haze of grief, coming to terms with the fact that he had lost his partner of 12 years. The only place he could find any hope or respite was through his baby girl. Taking Madeline from the tearful nurse, he held his daughter for the first time, understanding that his wife would never get to hold their baby girl.

After the funeral, the new father rushed straight back to the hospital still in his suite. Trying to come to terms with grief and single parenthood, when Madeline was released from the hospital Matt recalled: “when I finally got to bring Madeline home for the first time, I felt the house alive again.”

Agonising Reminders

Those first weeks were the most painful Matt had ever experienced. He could not bring himself to remove the wedding ring from his finger and every Tuesday at exactly 3:11 pm, he found his mind right back to that fateful moment where his life changed forever. There were times were he truly questioned how he could cope with his new reality without Liz by his side.

Coming home had its own challenged. Matt was surrounded by painful reminders of Liz in every corner. Even leaving the house was challenging, when strangers asked where the babies mother was Matt would honestly and openly claim “She passed away the day after the baby was born,”

Coping with Reality

The one source of comfort Matt felt in those first moments as a widow was the knowledge that his baby daughter needed him, and the belief that a part of his beloved wife lived on in Madeline. The hardest thing about being by myself after Liz died was just not having her around me when she wasn’t here to share in the joys of having our brand-new daughter with us.”

Despite the heartache that encompassed him, Matt was determined to do his best at raising his daughter. Looking to find a way to express his feelings and fear. He started posting to an online parenting forum hosted by his hometown newspaper, The Minnesota Star Tribune. But it didn’t stop there.

Extreme Highs and Extreme Lows

He also turned Liz’s pregnancy blog into more of a personal parenting blog. The writing gave him solace as he was able to pour his heart out and use words as a desperate source of solace for the intense emotions he was processing.

As a parent and a widow, his honest writing allowed Matt to fend off the grief from consuming him completely. He also sought out support of other parents for advice and help during the difficult time.

A Transformative Process

Matt was devoting his time to making his little Madeline happy and sharing memories of Liz, so his daughter would have an idea of the amazing woman she was. “I have great memories of Liz and I can tell her all about these things.” But Maddy wasn’t the only one who would land up hearing these memories.

“Some minutes, I am extremely happy and there are other minutes when I am so down I don’t know what to do. That’s what I try to convey through the blog,” he has said. Before long, the blog transformed again into something broader that would have lasting effects on the small family.

An Overwhelming Response

Matt was not exactly sure what the blog would become, but he was thinking to make it into a virtual scrapbook for Madeline to have when she got older. He changed the name to “Matt, Liz, and Madeline: Life and Death, All in a 27-Hour Period,”. However, this forum would soon not only be a personal record for him and Maddy but a widespread internet phenomenon.

Matt was receiving advice on all things Maddy related, from how to deal with things like diaper rash to how to work nasal aspirators. He had also created a place for other parents in similar situations to related to one another. In addition, the forum was attracting tens of thousands of page views a day and about 1 million to 1.5 million visitors per month. But where would it take Matt?

Easing the Pain

The blog became a source of help, hope, and inspiration out of something unthinkably tragic. It served as a cathartic outlet as well as a well of important advice from other parents. along with valuable words of support, the online community also came together for something truly heartfelt.

While it was never his intention, Matt started receiving not only advice, but complete strangers who were touched by his tale began sending a variety of items. People sent all sorts of helpful things for Maddy to help ease the pressure of the situation and help the single dad focus on raising his child and dealing with his grief.

Unimaginable Care

He began receiving items he had no idea he even needed! Stuffed animals, baby clothes, toys, you name it. He even received diaper bags, baby formula, and hair clips after he wrote about how nervous he was that he would not be able to dress little Madeline as Liz would have wanted.

The house was soon so filled with gifts it was overflowing “I never imagined that people would care about us the way they do,” he said. With the help of some of his avid readers, Matt eventually set up a charity organization in Liz’s name to spread the love and support further than he thought was possible.

The Liz Logelin Foundation

Run by volunteers, the Liz Logelin Foundation organized fundraising events like 5-K walks and runs in her memory. One event raised $4,400 that was intended to go to Matt and Maddy. However, Matt had another idea about how to honor his wife’s memory.

“Matt asked me if it was OK if he gave away all the money that had been raised for him and Madeline to the widows and widowers he had met through his blog,” recalled the foundation’s co-executive, Rachel Engebretson. “They didn’t have the same network of support and he wanted to help them.”

Remembering Liz Around the World

The Liz Logelin Foundation created several activities such as the Celebration of Hope gala, held on the closest weekend to Liz’s birthday which is on September 17. They have several auctions benefiting the foundation. They also hold a traditional 5-K walk/run which is held close to her hometown in Minnesota.

The foundation has the same 5K Walk/Run but it happens in several places around the globe. People are encouraged to buy race packets, and walk or run in their own hometown. All the profits from this activity go directly to the Liz Logelin Foundation. Liz was a runner, so it is really heartwarming to see these activities come to life. But the story doesn’t end there.

A Love Letter

Time past and Matt not only realized how much little Maddy resembled his late wife, but he realized the entire blog had been essential to his coping process and his survival. “In many ways, it’s a love letter to Madeline and to Liz,” he said.

“Liz will never read it, of course, I want Madeline to know that her dad didn’t just curl up in a ball and start drinking heavily. I want her to know I was out there, doing as much as I could for her, and trying to make her as happy as I could,” he told the Daily Mail. Still, he didn’t intend to keep the blog active forever.

The Year Milestone

Matt expected to end the blog after a year, but it had become a point of connection and support for so many widows, widowers and empathetic parents. Its popularity and the incredibly positive effect it had on so many people meant otherwise.

Matt was shocked at the overwhelming response his blog had encouraged, Matt and Maddy were now also heavily invested in helping others in similar positions. But the two would soon start on a new path that would again change things in a big way.

Happy Birthday, Maddy!

Just before Maddy’s first birthday, four numbers suddenly popped into Matt’s head while he was driving. He doesn’t remember what he was thinking about. He remembered that those numbers where the PIN number for Liz’s bank account. And yes, he has forgotten about that account long ago.

So Matt decided to use the money he found in the account to throw his little daughter a big birthday party. Because it was not only her birthday, it was also the one year mark of Liz’s passing away.

Full Circle

2009 was a year of change for Matt and Maddy, he decided to quit his job and invest on a cathartic travel for him and his Maddy. The two traveled to India where Matt was able to take the time and the quiet to pen a memoir. India was a location of particular significance as Matt and Liz had traveled there a year after their wedding.

Not only did he get to instil a love for travel, which was to dear to Liz, to his baby daughter, but the time of invaluable for the father and daughter to connect away from the busy city life, the two months gave him the time to write his story, Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love.

The book became an instant New York Times bestseller… but the tide had only just begun to change for the better.

Being a single father

Matt was interviewed once about his story, and about his life as a single father. He said that he’s been getting praise from all around for raising Maddy on his own, But he doesn’t feel like he’s doing anything differently from other parents.

For the first few years of Maddy’s life, Matt chose to be a stay-at-home-dad and to devote his time to raising her. However, he doesn’t feel it’s special. He feels as if he is simply being a father and fulfilling his human instinct to take care of his daughter.

Another Chance at Love

The year that the book about his first year as a widower and single dad came out, it seemed love may even be on the cards for him once again. He started seeing one of the volunteers of the Liz Logelin Foundation, Brooke Gulliksen.

The two had met the previous year at one of the organization’s annual fundraiser runs. It took a whole year after they met till Matt felt ready to ask her on a date. Brooke said she knew nearly instantly that Matt was the one and she met Maddy by Christmas. Finally, things seemed to be looking up for the young widower.

The Word Got Out

When Brooke made the big move from Minnesota to Los Angeles in order to be closer to Matt and Maddy, he felt he needed to give an explanation on his blog. The forum had become sort of like an online family and he felt the need to be honest and open and explain his decisions. Underlining that he hadn’t replaced Liz, he wrote: “But even in my darkest … moments there has been happiness and with Brooke now in our lives, there’s even more happiness.”

While the couple had initially wanted to keep a low profile regarding their relationship, the word soon got out. However, not everyone was as enthusiastic. While most of Matt’s blog readers were supportive, others were more critical and accused him of having “swept Liz under the carpet.”

Mommy and Brook

After Brooke and Maddy met, it was clear to both that things were getting serious between them. Brooke made it clear from the beginning that she was not replacing Liz as a mother, and she would talk with Maddy often about it.

Brooke was asked if Maddy calls her mom, and Brooke replied that she calls her ‘Brookie.’ The change of status from single woman to mother-figure wasn’t easy for Brooke, but Brooke said that she wouldn’t trade her relationship with Matt and Maddy for anything.

Life With a Widower

In an interview, Brooke was asked about life with widower Matt Logelin. She said that she started reading about it and even read Matt’s own memoir. She wanted to gain perspective of how a person handles widowhood. She hoped it would help her in her relationship with Matt.

Brooke got help from other sources as well. One of the avid fans of Matt’s blog, a woman who also married to a widower, offered her some advice. The two women started talking quite a lot and became close friends. But things between Matt and Brooke were not so bright.

Going Their Separate Ways

The word was out, and they could no longer keep a low profile. Soon after Brooke conducted an interview with in which she opened up about her feelings and thoughts on being a “replacement mom.” By the summer of 2013, things between Matt and Brooke fizzled.

Matt took to Facebook in a post that confirmed the couple had gone their separate ways, but despite the relationship with Brooke not working out, love was still on the cards for Matt.

A New Romance

After Brooke Matt took some time to be on his own and focus on Maddy and himself. However not too long after rumors began making their way about him and the writer for the animated series Bob’s Burger, Lizzie Molyneux.

The rumors seemed to be confirmed when the two appeared together at a benefit comedy show for The Liz Logelin Foundation in the fall of 2016. The couple wanted to keep quiet and avoid any gossip circulating about their romance. But inquisitive fans did some investigative work and found out something wonderful.

A Secret Ceremony

Matt learned from his relationship with Brooke that keeping things private is essential. He and Lizzie Molyneux largely kept their relationship under wraps for the sake of their and Madeline’s privacy. However, some fans decided to go snooping, and stumbled across something astounding!

The fans discovered a wedding website for Matt and Lizzie! Little did anyone know but this hush-hush pair had already taken their relationship to a whole new level and secretly gotten married in a ceremony in Palm Springs, California on February 2018. Although Matt prefers to be more private these days, his chronicles about Maddy have caught the eye of one particular A-lister.

On-Screen Adaptation

Back in 2012, the Lifetime network considered making a screen adaptation of Matt Logline’s book Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love. Martia Kauffman was meant to be the shaker and mover of the TV project, however, it did not land up turning into anything.

In 2016, the rumor was that none other than Channing Tatum was going to take on a bigger-budget Hollywood film adaptation of the book. The popular actor is slated to serve as executive producer and might even start in the pending father-daughter drama. But where does this all leave Matt and Maddy?

Long Process

No one can argue that Matt has experienced his fair share of terrible tragedy. But it is this unexpected path of pain, challenges, and hope that has allowed him to understand and inspire others on how to pick yourself up after a tragedy and make the best out of what seems like the worst situation.

Matt also has expressed how Liz was always the more outgoing one while he took more of a background role. In light of everything, he has increasingly broken out of his shell as a guest speaker at multiple grief and widowhood summits and as a guest-columnist for Glamour magazine. But how it little Maddy doing after all of this?

Maddy Today

Maddy Logelin turned 10 years old on March 24, 2018. That date also marked 10 years since the tragic passing of her mother, Liz. In spite of the tragic circumstances of her past, her father, family, and friend have done anything and everything to surround her with love and happiness.

Matt has made the details of his blog less intimate as Maddy has grown older. “The minute Madeline says stop, that it. The plug gets pulled,” he always vowed. Over the years, Maddy has grown to know her mother through stories and pictures and her curiosity only increases.

Moving Forward but Never Forgetting

She constantly asks her father questions about what he and her late mother used to do together, but one question really choked Matt up, “Daddy, did you hold my mommy’s hand when she died?” she innocently asked one day.

Matt tried his best to be open and explain things to his young daughter, “but what I said will never take away what happened that day.” Looking back on the exchange, Matt revealed that Maddy knew what he needed to hear and then said: “Daddy, I love you.” To which he returned: “I love you too, Maddy.”

Sources: The Guardian, The Daily Mail, People

This is a love story that is as beautiful as much as it is heart-breaking. They met, fell in love, had a baby, but Liz died while giving birth. What Matt did after her death was inspiring on another level.
It all started when high school students Matt...


Celebrities At Their Grooviest Moments

With today’s social and political climate, people are craving hope, joy, and unity now more than ever. In the past, the public has looked to entertainers during hard times to be distracted, or as means of a release of the day’s tensions, and often even as someone to aspire to.

With so much tension and hate in the air (especially where politics are involved) it’s nice to look back on a simpler time in America. Beautiful starlets, comedic geniuses, and influential musicians…

Collected here are rare images of history’s pop culture icons who have contributed to American culture and to some of the most meaningful moments in American history in a way you have never seen them before.

Prince in 1975, at the age of 17.

Pictured here is the artist that went on to become the artist formerly known as Prince. Here he is just a 17-year old with a guitar in his hands and stars in his eyes. Since then, Prince went on to become a musical innovator, integrating various styles like funk, R&B, rock, new wave, soul, psychedelia, and pop. His undeniable musical talents paired with his wide vocal range and his flamboyant stage presence made him a pop-culture phenomenon.

Prince is one of the best-selling artist of all time with over 100 million records worldwide. Over the course of his career he won seven Grammy Awards, an American Music Award, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award for his film Purple Rain. In 2004, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

With today’s social and political climate, people are craving hope, joy, and unity now more than ever. In the past, the public has looked to entertainers during hard times to be distracted, or as means of a release of the day’s tensions, and often even as...


That Exact Moment… Funny and Amazing Photos

Sometimes, we capture the perfect moment on camera. It is rare, but when it happens it’s priceless.
These photos each have a different story to tell. Whether they were intentional or not, what they caught was funny, ground-breaking, emotional and sometimes downright strange!

Even though many of these photographers only realized the gold they had after staring at the photograph for a while, when they realized what they caught on camera, we can imagine their joy. Sit back, and relax these crazy moments captured forever.

Take me to your leader

Cats, or any pet for that matter, in an E collar, or lamp shade if you wish, is funny. But this one takes the lot. An alien looking twist to a medical situation. Can’t stop laughing.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

This little guy clearly has no problem with self-esteem! Mind you, if we were that orange and adorable we might also hover in front of a mirror like we all that.

I’m Allowed Now, Right?

Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. Just as this pup who clearly has no issues plonking himself right where he needs to be to make sure the place is canine-friendly!

A Fiery Face

If I had to see this in real life, I would more likely run a mile than grab a camera to snap it! It is a petrifying little girls face made from flames, but for those brave among us, we can admit it is also kind of cool.

Tired Pup

At first glance, this looks like a half man, half dog, who has had one too many late nights! But really it is just a gorgeous golden pooch who has taken tired refuge on his owner’s lap!

Now You See Me…

It looks like a scene from any freaky horror, this little girl body has practically disappeared, and although it is clearly all an optical illusion, her scary expression along with her lack of body makes one petrifying picture.

In Perfect Synch

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its five planes! These pilots deserve an award for being able to fly in such perfect synch and bless us with this incredibly cool moment captured in this photograph.

A Long Dive

They must have some strong faith in this guy to allow him to dive over him without moving a muscle! But I guess these karate kids have standards of their own. Let,s just hope he made it over!

Centre of Attention

All they wanted was a romantic picture with a beautiful view, but the couple doesn’t even seem to be too angry that they are no longer the centre of attention! I mean, look how cute this guy is, I wouldn’t mind him crashing my picture any day.

Turn that Frown Around

Another trick of the eye, this kitty looks like he is wearing a giant frown but look a little closer and you there are two vats in this frame!

In Plane Sight

This view actually takes the breath away, just imagine actually looking up to see this perfect moment and having a camera to capture it! Not that is what I call photographic art.

Weather Art

When a rainbow meets lightening head-on, it is a natural piece of art. Just look at this photo to see nature happening right before your eyes. Whoever captured this was at the right place in the right time!

The real first man on the Moon

The moon landing was a conspiracy! we can see in this picture how easy it really is to step on the Moon. So what was all the fuss about landing on the Moon? This guy makes it look so easy! ‘one small step for man’ has never run so true! Truth is, he timed it so perfectly, it really does look like he is about to go on a bit of a moon stroll.

One sleepy soldier

The only thing breaking this photograph’s perfect synchronization is the poor sleepy soldiers very large yawn. We hope whoever he is, he got a good sleep the following night! We also hope his commander didn’t see his yawning ways!

The camera loves you baby!

It looks to be the Victoria Secret model of the cat species. Honestly, we all want to know what on earth this feline did to warrant such attention, but she seems to be basking in her glory. Give us your secret please! Maybe it’s a glimpse into the future, when this will how the press will treat the last 100% biological pet?

Look dad, I caught a….fish thing

It is honestly hard to know what this creature is exactly. It looks more like an alien then a fish. But we can’t help gushing over this cutie who is holding out his capture looking as proud as punch. Just watch your fingers on those mean looking spikes!

A tail of love

I am by no means a cat person, but it is hard not to look at these adorable twin cats who are literally creating the symbol of love with their joining tails and not to fall in love!

Pimp my ride

These guys are not risking getting pulled over by cops and not having a number plate. So, they went the cleverer root and are manually holding it up! We have to applaud them for their effort at toeing to the law no matter what.

The hair monster

I am not sure why this picture is so frightening, but it reminds me of every horror film I have watched when the creepy hair woman is coming to get you! But then you realise it is only an innocent woman having to wash her very, very long hair.

Why did the snail cross the road?

Whether it was to annoy the living daylights out of oncoming cars, or entertain passer-by’s it left us with this golden image. I wonder how much he was payed to be put up to this ridiculous prank.

Odd one out

You cannot look at this picture without your heart melting! The adorable little puppies and their mommy all posing with grace. But you can’t help noticing the odd little one out! However, he is the only one matching his mama, so he must be her favorite.

Action shot

This kid sure known how to strike the perfect pose! You almost have to believe he is mid-fight with these statues who look as though they’re about to kick his butt. This kid definitely has a future in the stuntman profession if you ask me.

Obama, or Dumbledore?

The past president of the USA looks like he is in the middle of conjuring up some magical ball of light. Although Obama has always been a favorite with the American people, and many are still mourning the fact that he is no longer president, we had no idea that he had this kind of magic up his sleeve!

A dog eat dog world

It looks as though this slobbery pup’s head has been inserted to this human body, leaving us with this rather hysterical image. At second glance you can realize its all about timing and positioning. We wonder what the dog owner hiding behind looks like.

Triple Jointed?

It looks like there is something seriously wrong with this guy’s arm. Its hard to be sure, but I doubt anyone’s arm is supposed to move to that position! Who knows though, maybe it is exactly his ability to be this double-jointed that allows him to be the greatest baseball player? Regardless, it is about as creepy as they come.

Walking his snakes

Taking your pets out for regular walks is a vital part of keeping them happy and healthy. But what we usually consider pets to be animals like dogs, cats, even bunnies. This guy’s idea of taking his beloved pets for a walk is tying a leash around two giant snakes! I would not want to cross his path.

Three is a crowd

And quite a crowd it is! A more iconic picture than this would be hard to find. We’ve got to Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards all in one shot. We can only imagine that this party must have been the coolest one in town with guests like this in attendance.

A mover and a shaker

This crane looks to be attempting some very heavy lifting, it may even be overestimating its abilities! It looks like someone is plotting to steal the Eifel tower, but this is just one of those right moments at the right time kind of pictures.

Just kicking it back by the pool

I love these guys. Honestly, you cannot look at this picture without wishing to be part of this hilarious crew who must have tried countless times before getting this absolutely perfect pose down!

Kitty Roll

There is something adorable about this little kitten’s face with it’s bright green eyes pocking out of his rolled-up body. We have to wonder why someone thought rolling up their cat in paper was a good idea, but he looks pretty relaxed about it and it makes for a great picture.

What kids did before technology

Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, there was a time where kids did not used to sit around on their cell phones or glued to the television and actually had to find ways to entertain themselves. And this is picture is exhibit a. hang in there kid!


A beautiful photograph that symbolizes the clash of the ancient and the modern. Such contrasting objects mirroring one another is the best way to appreciate photography as a true art form.

A graceful glide

This is what one could call true art. Everything about this picture is aesthetically pleasing, from the light, to the position, to the colors. You can almost hear the elegant splash that comes seconds after this graceful image was captured.

Ice ice baby

Everyone knows driving when it’s snowing is no easy feat. The slippery roads are known to cause a high number of chaotic events for vehicles. But this photograph takes things to new levels! It almost looks like parking your car while its tippled over is an accepted thing judging by this picture! Certainly, takes up less parking space. (Do you see the shark?!?)

But you’re so comfy!

Who says cats and dogs don’t get along? These two seem to be the kind of best friends that always have each other’s back, even if it means lending out your head as a pillow for a while. It does look to be one very comfortable head. One of the cutest pictures in the list if you ask me!

Guys can multitask too

And if you don’t believe it, this picture is all the proof you will ever need! Soldiers, musicians, and football players, they can do it all! Although who is to say how talented they are at any one of these professions, it still makes for one eventful photo.

Looking for liberty

This looks like any constructions site back in the old days, but if you strain your eyes just a bit, you will spot one giant arm of a statue. Believe it or not this photograph captured the Statue of Liberty under construction!

A zombie needs sun too

This looks pretty bad. At first glance you can almost be sure that this woman’s head has just been impaled. But once again, it is all about perspective. we can thank our lucky stars that this woman has survived what could be a zombie attack with an axe.

The strongest student around

This is a picture with tremendous political and social significance. In the photo is Dorothy Counts, the first black student in an all-white school in the SA. You can see how she is being teased by students behind her, yet wears the strong expression that she is there to stay! A powerful and beautiful image.

Waiting for Vader

Stormtrooper groupies are one of a kind, they always have the craziest antics up their sleeves, and this picture is the perfect example. You always can find funny situations in airports, but I would say this one takes the cake! I wonder if he ever showed up…

The shadow love story

It is pretty crazy how one scene is going on in reality when the shadows tell such a different and much more romantic story! We kind of wish we were in the shadow world for this one, who doesn’t

prefer romance over everyday life?

Pull up a chair

Take a seat. Or a thousand. Whoever put in the effort to build this chair contraption must have been set on keeping someone out. We only wonder how many of these chairs stayed in tact after being stored in such a messy heap.

Into the wild

Usually, on safari, animals tend to keep their distance from the vehicles and barely pay them any attention as they go by with their lives. But seems these lions got bored with their daily routine, and decided to frighten this vehicle full of people almost to death would spice up their day!

Bow down before me!

It looks like we have found the king of the canines. God knows what this pup did to earn such respect from both his peers who are bowing down before him, and the soldier who is giving him a salute! It is purely a joy to see animals acting in such a human-like way!


“NEED A LAMA DELIVERIES ANYWHERE ANYTIME! ” is the caption on this vehicle, adding in “NO VISAS REQUIRED”. What on earth anyone would want to do with a lama god only knows, although judging by the three sitting comfortably on the roof, he must be in business somehow!

The mystery is finally solved

For years, we have been asking the question ‘who let the digs out?’ and it seems we finally have our answer! The cuteness and fluffiness of this picture honestly speak for itself. Just look and enjoy! (I’m a dog lover, can you tell?)

An unusual traffic jam

When this guy’s wife asks why he took so long to get back from work, we doubt she will believe him when he says he was stuck in a traffic jam of sheep. Lucky he has photographic proof of this very bizarre and very fluffy scene!

Hippo Horsey

This old photo is one interesting and beautiful site. Of course there is the issue of animal cruelty. Hippos are definitely by no means equipped to be pulling carts around, and then there’s the fact that hippos are the animals which kill the most amount of people just for fun (they are vegetarian). So besides that… great picture, though he should probably stick to horses from now on.

Mind the drain!

If you have seen the movie ‘It’, you can understand why a street drain can be one very scary place with tormented clowns luring children from underneath. But what we see here is a much more realistic threat, though no less scary! While an alligator may not be as scary as a demented clown, I would definitely not want to be sticking my fingers down that drain!

I’m just chilling

It is impossible not to notice the very human-like expression on this adorable little squirrel! He reminds us of a young kid, lazing about, pondering life. Everything about him, from his tail to his little arms makes one adorable photo!

Portable home anyone?

While the safety standards of what this photographer has captured are questionable, there is no doubt these men know how to ride in style! Balancing on a set of draws which are balancing on a rather questionable looking car is one brave (and rather silly) thing to do, but we wish you safe travels regardless!

Let’s all go fishing

They look like an adorable little family who has gone on a fishing outing. We must admit fishing can be quite a lonely sport, so it makes sense that this man makes sure to bring his handy helper (who also happens to be a cat) along for the ride.

Come rain, come snow!

Nothing stops these guys from hopping on the back of a motorcycle, even if there is a flood nearly the height of you raging through the streets. We guess it is admirable not to cancel your travel plans for a bit of rain… or a total flood!


Cats are known to be some of the most agile animals around, but even so this perfectly times photograph captures their agility and makes them truly look like acrobats trying their best not to fall!

Did someone say they wanted a hot dog?

Poor guy looks so confused! We wonder how he landed up ion there. Although it was probably staged, the thought of people putting a dog in the oven is as hilarious as it is disturbing!

And thanks for watching!

This dolphin sure does have sass! Look at that cheeky smile captured on its face as it squirts water on the unsuspecting little guys! He is so adorable we don’t even blame him, even those kids look like they don’t mind being the victim of some dolphin funny business.

The magic carpet

The first thought that comes to mind when looking at that image is- I want a magic carpet too! But alas, we are not yet in the times of flying carpets. This is another example of a photographer capturing the perfect angle, and if you look closer you see its simply some sand/shadow business going on.

Just one sip!

This pure kitten is so desperate for just one sip she might reach a very uncomfortable position! Yet another kitty photo that draws on the heartstrings, this kid will go to the end of the world to get his drink for the day!

Thank God we have a spare tire

This little vehicle is honestly a work of art. From the wheels to the color of the doors, it is truly impressive! With all the guys gathered around, we wonder if there is some kind of oil leak? We guess many hands make light work!

The many straws that finally broke his back

Sometimes people get a bit over confident with what they can handle. Like this guy who fir some reason thought his little car could handle bags and bags of god knows what and a handful of people. So it makes sense that they look pretty at ease with the fact that their ride is going nowhere slowly.

Mama hen protects everyone

Who says mother love has to be only for your own children? Or own species for that matter. This mama hen looks like she has adopted this adorable pup and is keeping him nice and war. This picture is definitely one of the cutest on the list!


Jaws, jaws, jaws are all we can think about when looking at this hilarious snapshot! It has to be the expression on that man’s face, as serious as they come while it looks like he is about to be chomped by this giant shark. Yes yes, it may not be real and all that, but my question is why would one opt for that exact bench to sit and take a rest?

Move along, nothing to see here

This guy certainly seems to think he is the center of attention for this shot, posing like he is the bee’s knees and flexing those muscles like he knows what’s up… little does he know no one is focussing on him! It could be because there is a vehicle casually hanging from the tree behind him… and we’re quite sure trees don’t grow cars.

Oopsie Daisey (and there go the roses)

This poor cat probably thinks he will be on his eighth life once his owner gets loads of the damage he has caused! he knows it is far too late to do anything about I, but it doesn’t stop him from trying to use his kitty reflexes to save this disaster waiting to happen!

Take Note

Your first thoughts when reading this sign have got to be that falling deer is something you have never had to be worried about. But then it get’s more absurd when you realise there are leopards around! Does the sign not want us to maybe beware of the extremely dangerous carnivores too?!

Queen of the coaches

This ref sure does know how to bring out the diva in him. It’s that perfect moment. The photographer has caught him in the angle where it looks like he is owning his dazzling crown!

He stole my cone!

Thieves come in all forms. You get the masked men creeping about, and you get the innocent looking seagulls who swoop in and fly off with people’s ice cream! The look of frustration on this poor guy’s face is priceless.

Kiss me baby!

This giraffe knows what he wants and is not shy to go for it. He didn’t even allow the different species to get in the way of his efforts to score a smooch! Judging by her reaction, he may have read the signals a little wrong.

An Innocent Wave

When you look at that cute looking furry bear giving what seems like a friendly wave, it is so hard to believe that these animals are some of the deadliest out there! The furry guys seem to be waving innocently at his old friends!

Sometimes, we capture the perfect moment on camera. It is rare, but when it happens it’s priceless.
These photos each have a different story to tell. Whether they were intentional or not, what they caught was funny, ground-breaking, emotional and...


Is The Online World Taking Over?

There is no question that advances in technology have brought huge benefits to humanity – the eradication of diseases like smallpox, space travel, an internet that allows us to communicate with people across the planet in seconds and software that makes our everyday lives easier.

From online gaming to social networks and smartphones, we live in a very different world to that of our ancestors. But as these advances have come about, they have precipitated the rise of the robots.

From simple repetitive manufacturing tasks to advanced artificial intelligence, automation is becoming a bigger part of the global economy day by day. South Korea, for example, has 437 robots for every 10,000 employees – and the advance is showing no signs of stopping. In fact, it’s speeding up.

Robots and algorithms taking over industries

 There are even hotels in South Korea which employ robots to carry out tasks responding to guests’ requests in different languages, cleaning the rooms and preparing food. The idea there is to replace 90% of its hotel staff with robots – a scary prospect but one that frees people up to explore other avenues, at least.

In 2015, the chief economist of the Bank of England, Andy Haldane, predicted nearly half of all occupations in the UK were likely to go to the robots. That’s some 15 million jobs.  Although robots represent the sharper, scarier end of technological progress, tech, in general, is causing massive disruption across every sector of the world’s economy.

The high street is giving in to the online world – especially in the world of retail, where ecommerce is increasingly taking over through highly refined strategies aimed at winning more customers. Bricks-and-mortar stores are disappearing, and bank branches have seen a 32% decline in business as more people are using apps to manage their money. Technology is also well embedded in the world of fashion, with VR headsets being used at some of the showpiece events in the fashion calendar.

The online world is also starting to take over the world of gambling. Gambling has become a largely digital phenomenon, particularly in the UK, where it now accounts for 33% of all gambling revenue. Bingo is hugely popular in the UK – and accordingly, online bingo has exploded in popularity. And that’s hardly surprising, with it being a no-brainer to gamble online from the comfort of your own home rather than find your way to land-based bingo premises. Online gambling is increasingly realistic, even replicating the community aspect of the traditional game using lively forums and bingo chat rooms. And like other brick-and-mortar stores, online bingo sites offer loyalty programs to reward their customers based on the frequency they play on the site.

 The absurdity of automation

One of the worries about automation is that it will mean the consumers who might have previously spent their wages on products will no longer be able to afford to – because their jobs are now being done by robots. The World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim, said in 2016 that up to 77 percent of all the jobs in China and 85 percent of those in Ethiopia are under threat. The cost of a production robot, it seems, is even cheaper than a worker in China.

So are the industrialists taking us down the route of no return? Some experts predict that robots will become so sophisticated they’ll be able to repair the other robots when needed – and even build new factories.

How humans will adapt to a post-work age 

Automation could usher in a golden era of leisureWhat will we do when we’re no longer working? This change in our lives, although likely to happen in a relatively short space of time, won’t happen overnight. But this kind of revolution is nothing new. Humans have always been adaptable to new situations, and it is likely that we’ll quickly get used to a new world of leisure. When the industrial revolution came along in the nineteenth century, millions of people left their rural lives to move to the factories to work. This was a huge demographic change – marking the shift from an agricultural society to an industrial one in only a few decades.

If a similar sort of change occurs, think of all the things that we manage to do now when we’ve finished work for the day. Think what new things we would be able to do with all the extra time? Think how much more time we could spend with our families and our loved ones. There’s also a good chance that any new social order will require us to spend more time helping those less able than ourselves – which could be a brilliant thing for humanity.

So keeping fit, for those that enjoy running or cycling or simply going to the gym, could result in some seriously fit people. Perhaps traveling is your thing. With more people available to travel at any time, the world would get even more interconnected and empathetic – potentially breaking down borders across the globe. Going out with friends was usually limited by time but the new world wouldn’t any such constraints. If it is sunny, then we’ll go to the beach every day – until it rains.

So let’s not despair that everything is changing. The lives of people have always changed, and although some people are resistant to it, change has made all our lives better. Advanced robots that ‘do all the work’ are going to make our lives exactly what we want them to be. Try to imagine a life where the hardest part of your day will be deciding what to do first. The likelihood is that we’ll still be complaining because there won’t be enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to rather than all the things that ‘have’ to be done. And how awful will that be, exactly?

There is no question that advances in technology have brought huge benefits to humanity – the eradication of diseases like smallpox, space travel, an internet that allows us to communicate with people across the planet in seconds and software that makes our...


Most Memorable Red Carpet Fashion Moments

Any red carpet event has its moments. Oftentimes it doesn’t really matter what the event it, as long as the stars would be seen on the red carpet. And they look amazing of course. Some put their minds to how they would look, and some are just radiant no matter what they have on.

Here are some of the most memorable moment on the red carpet at the Oscars and other red carpet events.

Meghan Markle-NBC Summer Press

There is very little the stunning Meghan Markle cannot do. From her acting abilities, her passion for advocating for those in need, to her impeccable style.

But do we expect anything else of a future royal? Thanks to her engagement to Prince Harry a life of royalty awaits this starlet.

Next Princess

We are excited to see how her fashion develops, but the truth is her style is always on point like when she rocked this pantsuit ensemble. with style and sophistication like this, she is bound to fit into the royal family!

Katy Perry-Grammy Awards, 2017

Since she kissed a girl, and liked it, Katy Perry has been one of the biggest names in music, topping chart after chart and winning more music awards than we can count.

But she has also remained a bit of a controversial figure, and is no stranger to celeb feuds, including her ongoing feud with Taylor Swift.

I’m gold

When it comes to style, Perry is also known for her controversial choices- this outfit is clear proof of that. Although her blonde locks and makeup really highlight her beautiful facial features, when it comes to the outfit this was clearly a risk that didn’t pay off. From the metallic looking turtleneck, to that over-feathery skirt, this outfit does her and her figure no favors at all.

Gal Gadot –  L.A. premiere of Wonder Woman, 2017

This red sequined halter gown was worn by Gal Gadot in 2017, this means she has already experienced several red carpet ceremonies. That is why we can’t quite understand what happened here. Yes, it is an amazing dress, but something in the overall look makes us wonder more than Wonder Woman.

Strong Red

This was taken at the LA premiere of her Wonder Woman film and as you can see red really complements her looks. But next time we would like to see her hair long and wavey.

Emma Stone – Academy Awards, 2017

Emma Stone, our true sweetheart, showed up to her expected awarding ceremony in a golden dress of her own, as if she didn’t know it would match the Oscar award fully. Oh… she knew the Oscar was in her pocket and she wanted to stun us all with her amazing look. Well, she did it.

Golden Beauty

Her dress is a custom Givenchy Haute Couture gown, and it took 1,700 hours to create. 1,700 hours! She also had on some Tiffany & Co. jewelry to complete the La La Land winner girl look. Her dress is a nostalgic kick back to the 1920’s glamour, with the fringed skirt and embellished golden bodice and all. All she needs to do now is to Jitterbug.

Emilia Clarke- Golden Globes, 2016

She is the mother of dragons, and as such, nothing but fierce fashion is expected from her both on and off screen! Emilia Clarke has wowed the world with her acting abilities on the hit series Game of Thrones and as we all wait patiently for the 8th and final season, we have to make do with seeing the GOT stars on Red Carpets and waiting for their next and last season.

Queen appearance

It is clear that even when Clarke takes off her silvery wig that turns her into Dany, she is a vision. This Dolce & Gabbana black dotted dress which she paired with Anita Ko jewellery took us back in fashion time to a more elegant era while still pushing the fashion envelope.

Nicole Kidman-Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2017

Nicole Kidman is stunning, no one can deny it. But this lime green frock complete with ostrich feathers for shoulders would not be flattering on anyone, even if you are one of the most beautiful Hollywood stars of the era.

What is this?!

Although it definitely got her a lot of attention, which at the end of the day, is what everyone wants, it may have been for the wrong reasons in this fashion fail.

Kim Basinger-Academy Awards, 1989

1989 was a god year for Kim Basinger. It was the year that Tim Burton’s Batman came out, in which she featured, and it became the highest grossing film of her career!

Robot dress

It was also the year she rocked up in this very over-the-top wedding like dress to the Academy Awards, drawing all the attention.

We are not really sure if we love it or hate it. Although she looks the image of a young bride, later that year she ended her marriage of 8 years for Batman’s producer! Could she have been hinting something of her marital doom by wearing this dress?

Lena Dunham- Emmy Awards, 2014

She is a force to be reckoned with. Outspoken, young, and fiery. Lena Dunham is obviously very talented, and if her two-time golden globe winning series Girls didn’t make that clear, her winning the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Comedy Series in 2013 should.

I’m ice cream

But when it comes to the Red-Carpet, she may have to learn a thing, or two, or a million. This very very strange concoction of a dress does absolutely nothing for the starlet, and it wrong in so many ways!

Truth is, we doubt this outspoken star really cares what people think about her Red Carpet looks, and was probably more focussed that year on the reception of her book k “Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned” which came out later that year.

Rachel Griffith- Academy Awards, 1999

She is trying to show off her purse, but all our eyes can take in is that awful pink dress! Rachel is the Australian actress that rose to prominence after her roles in Six Feet Under and Brothers and Sisters and earned an Academy nomination for her role in Muriel’s Wedding.

Don’t laugh

This Red Carpet was a big event for the starlet and the nominee was hopeful to get everyone’s attention. She did much more than that, a doll character was made after her in a satire TV show back then.

Santigold- Grammy Awards, 2017

Santigold is using her art to challenge today’s culture of self-absorption and marketing with her new album 999¢.her first track, Can’t Get Enough of Myself even featured an interactive clip allowing viewers to be a part of it.

I’m smiling

When she wore a conservative but bright pink dress with a huge childish three-headed dragon (or Hydra) all over the front with black platform shoes, she was looking for more attention, and that she got plenty of with fashion critics having a field day over this weird and wonderful fashion statement.

Sarah Jessica Parker- Met Gala, 2015

It truly is a stab to our fashion faith when we see supposed fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker rock up in something like this! She is on fire, and not in the good sense. Honestly it looks more like she is part of a crazy costume parade than a red carpet!

Queen of the city

Although the dress itself is not too bad, the stripe to the left should have started at the waist rather than the top adorning the poppy flower. Her bracelets are good for the dress, but the elephant in the room is the fiery tiara.

Sharon Stone-Academy Awards, 1995

Sharon Stone is a woman who has been making waves since she came on the scene. Who could forget her brilliant performance in Basic Instinct, for which she won a Golden Globe and shot to the status of a sex symbol.

Any red carpet event has its moments. Oftentimes it doesn’t really matter what the event it, as long as the stars would be seen on the red carpet. And they look amazing of course. Some put their minds to how they would look, and some are just radiant no...

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80’s Kid Stars – Where Are They Now?


Where have these 1980’s child actors been? You adored them back then, are they still adorable now? Stop asking and start discovering what these actors and actresses are doing now. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised or a bit sad. Some managed to go beyond their 15-minute glory while most decided to pursue a career path that had nothing to do with entertainment.

Think what you want, say what you want. These kids went through hell and deserve a break. Give them some attention, why don’t you?

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80’s Teen Idol Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman was the most popular and recognizable teen actor during the 1980’s. He was merely a toddler when he started in show business via a Mcdonald’s commercial. His first TV appearance was in the series “Bad News Bears”. But his role in the movie “The Goonies”, sealed his place in 80’s pop culture. He also starred in the hit movie “Stand By Me” as well as “The Lost Boys”.

He is currently trying his hand in music as a singer and is also attempting to expose Hollywood’s sinister pedophile ring.


Where have these 1980’s child actors been? You adored them back then, are they still adorable now? Stop asking and start discovering what these actors and actresses are doing now. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised or a bit sad. Some managed to go...


World Cup 2018 – The Supporting Wags

While everybody is expecting to see their favorite players get on the field, there are some who look away from the field and search the stands and sidelines. They are searching for the supporting WAGs of these famous players.

Some wives and girlfriends stay away in order to let their partner be all in the game. Others come and show support while showing some skin and distracting the rival’s team players. So here are world class wives and girlfriends of world-class football players that we know will be there, and some that we wish would be.

Pilar Rubio

Gorgeous Pilar is currently a Spanish reporter. She began her prosperous career as a model, as you can see, and then continued to television reporting.

Lucky Man: Sergio Ramos – Spain

She and her husband Sergio Ramos (which became a hated person in Egypt and Liverpool after what he did to Mohamad Salah), have been together since 2012. They have been expanding their family slowly. They have 3 kids who could be found supporting their father on the sidelines.

Polly Parsons

Beauty Polly is a British model but she is also famous as a British TV host. She has already been seen on ‘Crystal in Disastrous’, ‘Meet the Parents’ and ‘Don’t Get Screwed’. And she has done some hosting on ‘The Real Hustle’ TV show.

Lucky man: Thomas Vermaelen – Belgium

A few years ago Polly was chosen as queen Wag by FHM. We think she still deserves the title. She is currently dating Belgien Thomas Vermaelen who plays for Barca and we will also see him playing for his home country in the World Cup in Russia.

Sara Carbonero

If you know the story of Medusa, you would know that these eyes are something you should not look into. The difference is that instead of turning into stone, you might just freeze up. It’s bad if you are part of the rival team playing against her partner Iker Casillas from Spain. In 2010 many fans seriously blamed her beauty for distracting Iker Casillas which caused him to play badly.

Lucky man: Iker Casillas – Spain

She might seem like a model, but she is actually a sports reporter. When Iker was signed by a team in Portugal, she chose to go with him and leave her successful position at the TV station.

Bruna Marquezine

These two Brazilian nuts have an on-off relationship going on since 2012. Bruna might take away the spotlight from Neymar as she is a very popular model and award-winning actress back home in Brazil.

Lucky Man: Neymar Jr. – Brazil

The two are the Brazilian Brangelina when they decide to be together. We hope to see her on the sidelines in Russian now that they are back together again.

Lorelei Taron

This Argentinian singer met her future husband in church when she was only 16. Was it a sign from God? They tied the knot three years later. While Falcao became a superstar in football, Lorelei became a famous singer.

Lucky Man: Radamel Falcao – Colombia

Falcao is the captain of his Ligue 1 club AS Monaco. He plays there as a striker. On the national front, he is also the captain of the Colombian squad. His wife is so successful that Lorelei is considered one of the wealthiest WAG’s in Europe.

Jessica Sterling

Jessica and David met through a mutual friend and got married back in 2012. Jessica admits that her relationship gets tough on weekends when husband David leaves to play and she is left with their two children alone.

Lucky man: David Ospina – Colombia

Ospina plays as the goalkeeper for British team Arsenal. He was the first choice for the Colombian coach when building the national team fro Russia 2018.

Edurne Garcia

Spanish Model and famous Singer Edurne Garcia. She is on her way to stardom, and judging by her Instagram account, she tries to share more moments of her life which are not connected to her career or to her partner, to gain some more recognition.

Lucky man: David De Gea – Spain

David De Gea plays on the British Manchester United, but in Russia 2018, he will try and stop balls from entering the Spanish net. His longtime love, Edurne, will be supporting him.

Anastasia Kostenko

Anastasia Kostenko is a famous model in Russia. She works in Russia and Eastern Europe. She always had a crush on Tarasov, but is it rumored that he left his wife because he got Anastasia pregnant. Or we should say that the pregnancy rushed him into terminating his existing relationship, which was terminally ill in any case.

Lucky man: Dmitri Tarasov – Russia

Dmitri Tarasov is a Russian professional footballer playing as a midfielder for FC Lokomotiv Moscow, and is very popular among fans and women alike.

Yoo So-young

Yoo So-Young is a famous Korean entertainer with a rich background. She was part of a successful K-pop band. She and her partner have a 6-year gap, but it doesn’t seem to interfere. But his parents might. Footballer Son Heung-Min is kind of a mama’s boy, and when they say ‘concentrate on football and nothing else,’ he might oblige.

Lucky man: Son Heung-Min  – S.Korea

Son loves his parents very much and thanks them for pushing him to where he is today. He rarely publishes anything on social media, and if he does, it’s related to his career. Son plays for British team Tottenham Hotspurs.

Anna Lewandowska 

Anne is much more than just a WAG. Anna Lewandowska is a professional karate competitor and she represented her country in several international competitions. She has also built a company all by herself called Foods by Ann in which she sells health food, fitness seminars, and training.

Lucky man: Robert Lewandowski – Poland

Polish superstar Robert Lewandowski plays for German team Bayern Munich. All eyes are on him to lead his national team to victory. We’re not sure he will be enough.

Ruby Mae 

Ruby is a very high profiled model which is why the press was surprised that her relationship was kept secret. They found out when she was seen comforting Dele after England lost to Iceland in the Euro 2016 games. Her Instagram account is always full of support for her love.

Lucky man: Dele Alli – England

Dele Alli is a very promising star in English football. He plays for Tottenham Hotspur and the 2018 Russia World Cup will be his first. We will be seeing his beautiful girlfriend on the sidelines and on Instagram.

Lena Stiffel

These two cute people prove that a crush is not only for teens. Lena Stiffel and German footballer Julian Draxler knew each other from school and they started dating back then.

Lucky Man: Julian Draxler – Germany

Babyface Drexler has a lot of potential in his gameplay. Lena is not your typical all-out WAG. She keeps to herself very much and doesn’t brag.

Coleen McLoughlin Rooney

Coleen McLoughlin is the Wayne Rooney’s high school sweetheart. They got married back in 2008 after a 6-year relationship which began at school.

Lucky Man: Wayne Rooney – England

Coleen is a fashion designer and TV presenter who has made a name for herself other than being Wayne Rooney’s wife. The couple has four sons. Rooney will not be on the field, but we hope to see them both in the World Cup.

Federica Nargi

This gorgeous Italian model is also a known TV presenter and actress in Italy. We could also add WAG to her lengthy list of achievements, but it doesn’t really matter.

Lucky Man: Alessandro Matri – Italy

She is married to big star Italian striker, Alessandro Matri. They have an adorable daughter. Matri will also not be on the Italian national team for Russia 2018, but he and his amazing wife will be on the sidelines.

Sam Smalling Cooke

Sam is a British glamour model and, as you can judge for yourself, smoking hot. She has been on the covers of some major magazines, such as FHM, FRONT, Maxim, and Nuts. She could be a distracting obstacle for players.

Lucky Man: Chris Smalling – England

But she is mostly distracting her Manchester United center back partner Chris Smalling. He gets to call Sam Cooke his wife. The two got married on July 21, 2017.

Ann-Kathrin Brommel

German model Ann-Katherin Brommel is famous for working with brands, such as GQ and FHM. But don’t judge her just as a model,  She is an avid anti-fur activist as well as a supporter of the Foundation for AIDS research.

Lucky Man: Mario Götze

Ann-Katherin was snatched by German footballer Mario Götze. Mario had to go through extensive treatments for a medical condition he had, but his beautiful partner stood by him, and we are sorry that he won’t be on the German national team, but hope the two would be visiting the sidelimes.

Abbey Clancy

The amazing woman is an English lingerie and catwalk top model. She is also a famous TV personality and a very supportive WAG. We feel sad that she won’t be on the sidelines in Russia, but we do hope to see her more.

Lucky Man: Peter Crouch – England

Clancy has always had a connection to football as her own brother is a football player. Clancy met Crouch in 2006 and the two have been together since. They married in 2001 and have 3 kids together.

Tatyana Belenov

Amazing Russian model Tatyana said once that she has two careers: modeling and supporting her husband. She tries, and succeeds most of the time, to be in every match her husband plays in, no matter where. Unfortunately, Aleksandr will not be playing for his national team this time around.

Lucky Guy:  Aleksandr Belenov – Russia

The two beautiful creatures married in 2017, so they are still all mushy about it. They spend a lot of time together and show it on social media. Aleksandr is a strong goalkeeper.

Majda Magui 

Beautiful Morrocan-born Majda married French footballer Mamadou Sakho back in 2015. They have two adorable kids. Majda loves to tell about her big wedding in Senegl which was traditional and colorful and mych more happy than her formal wedding in France.

Lucky man: Mamadou Sakho – France

Mamadou Sakho plays as a center back for British club Crystal Palace. He is known for his tackling smartness and his passing accuracy.

Lena Gercke

These two have, unfortunately, separated. But look at them… wouldn’t you want them back together again?! Lena Johanna Gercke is a German model and TV host. She became famous when she won Germany’s Next Topmodel reality show. Later on, she hosted several seasons of Austria’s Next Topmodel show.

Lucky Guy (former): Sami Khedira – Germany

Sami plays as a central midfielder for Italian team Juventus. Since his break up with Lena, Sami was seen with several other models, including Brazilian top model Adriana Lima.

Alexandra Ivarsdottir 

It was only 10 years ago when Alexandra had won the Miss Iceland crown. We believe that it was only one or two years ago – she is gorgeous! Alexandra and Gylfi grew up together in Reykjavik and became much more than just friends. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Iceland has the smallest population in Europe?

Lucky man: Gylfi Sigurdsson – Iceland

Gylfi Sigurdsson plays in British team Everton but he reached the headlines of world sports news in Euro 2016 as his team beat England and showed some great moves. We hope we see some more of those moves this year.

Tugba Şahin 

These two married back in 2007, and have been together since. Tugba was only 18 years old when they married. He was 19 years old and at the beginning of his football career. In 2011, they became parents to their son Omer.

lucky man: Nuri Sahin – Turkey

Nuri plays for German team Borussia Dortmund and is known for his smart and accurate passing ability.

Andrea Duro 

Mexican football star Javier Hernandez has been dating Spanish actress Andrea Duro. They have been dating for several years. Maybe their time in Russia will move them another step ahead in their relationship? Javier plays for English team West Ham but he’s been talking about moving to a Spanish team so he could be close to Andrea.

Lucky man: Javier Hernandez – Mexico

Hernández has a nickname – Chicharito, it’s so known that he has it printed on his jersey. Andrea does not want to move to England and lose her career, and lately that could be the reason for the rumors about their break up, which everybody hopes are untrue.


You all know her. Shakira does not need any football player to be famous. Shakira is still more well known around the world than her partner. She is half Colombian and half Lebanese which is a unique combination, just as her voice is unique. In preparations for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Shakira was chosen to do the official song, which was Waka Waka (This time for Africa).

Lucky Man: Gerard Pique – Spain

These two met while filming the Waka Waka music video. Isn’t that cute? She was at the end of her previous relationship, so Gerard Pique could have been the reason to finalize the ending.  They live in Barcelona where he plays, and they have two kids.

Amal Belhanda 

Younus married Amal Belhanda a few years back, but we rarely see her in public. She is a very private person. Like Messi, these two also grew up together and fell in love. They have two kids: Muhammed and Amal. They were both born during Belhanda’s career at Dynamo Kiev.

Lucky man: Younus Belhanda – Morroco

Younus Belhanda is a French-born footballer currently playing for Turkish team Galatasaray, and who will be playing for Morroco at the World Cup. Will beautiful Amal be joining him?

Lisa Müller 

Lisa and Thomas got married in 2009. She is far away from football as anyone could be. She is a professional Dressage, which is a skilled form of performance riding in exhibitions and competitions. They met on social media, talked a lot and finally got married in less than two years after starting to date.

Lucky man: Thomas Muller – Germany

Thomas Muller plays for German team Bayern Munich, and in Russia, he will try to defend Germany’s title of World Cup holders. They won the cup in the last World Cup in 2014. Lisa said in an interview that we can expect to see her on the sidelines for Germany.

Ekaterina Gerun

Igor is Russian, while Ekaterina is actually Ukranian. They sorted out the Crimea peninsula crisis between them. She wants to be a professional actor and has been doing some small parts on the screen. In the meantime, she works as a model. The two got married in secret. The world found out about his marriage only when Igor announced their new son.

Lucky man: Igor Akinfeev – Russia

Igor is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the World Cup. He plays as a goalkeeper for CSKA Moscow and has already won several awards as a goalkeeper.

While everybody is expecting to see their favorite players get on the field, there are some who look away from the field and search the stands and sidelines. They are searching for the supporting WAGs of these famous players.
Some wives and girlfriends stay...


The Famous Parents of Famous Celebrities

Famous Father: Tom Hanks

Known for:  Forrest Gump and Seepless in Seattle

An academy award winner, Tom Hanks has been in our favorite hits on the screen for years. who could forget his heartrending performance in Forrest Gump, or his break-through hit “Big”. Hanks has scored himself a place with Hollywood heavyweights with his soft features and crazy talent.

Famous Son: Colin Hanks

Known For: Fargo

Making the saying “Like father like son” truer than ever, Tom’s son, Colin, is his splitting image, and has inherited his acting chops too! Although Colin is more well-known for his roles in series such as Dexter and Fargo, his father still takes his acting very seriously stating to People Magazine, ‘I’m in competition with my son,’

Famous Father: Tom Hanks
Known for:  Forrest Gump and Seepless in Seattle
An academy award winner, Tom Hanks has been in our favorite hits on the screen for years. who could forget his heartrending performance in Forrest Gump, or his break-through hit...