Author - Assaf Aricha

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A Guinness Record: The Worlds Largest Skateboard!

As one of the most exciting and interesting urban sports around, skateboarding brings people from all backgrounds and personalities to the table. It’s a unique and exciting experience and one that makes it so easy for people to show off their skills and...


Die Hard Wins Big Time (Finally)

With Die Hard being written off as a Christmas movie by John McClane himself, fans of the movie are naturally feeling their noses a touch out of joint. A classic Christmas movie for those who cannot stomach stuff like The Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s...


When Should I book a Domestic Flight?

Flight fares are known to fluctuate due to many reasons. Higher demand for tickets can influence the rate at which it is sold at that particular time. There are also situations when the airline needs to sell out its tickets for the fast approaching flight...