Author - Brett Loewenstern

Traveling musician. And I write about it. Isn't that fun? And what do you do to be happy in life?


Watch: Amazing Singing Groom

Whether it’s your special day or you’re just celebrating along with everybody else, weddings are happy and wonderful events. Tears of joy, laughter and countless emotions – that’s what weddings are made of. A wedding is not just about a couple...


Can Google Assistant Kill? Potentially.

With the advent of tools like Siri and Google Assistant, there was immediate excitement. We could get our fridge doors to open for us – we could even boil the kettle, whilst being provided with exciting information about our favorite sports stars...


Twitter Bans Users Under 13. Or Older!

Twitter is a social media networking website and app in which users can post tweets in a limited number of characters. So the message is relatively short and to the point. There has been a chaos on twitter recently about a policy they are taking too seriously...