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Hilarious Walmart Moments

The idea of Walmart is a genius one. Selling products at a huge volume for low prices, so while there may not be as much of a profit for each team, when people bought in bulk, the cash rolled in!
Although it seemed like a risky idea at first, as you know it...

Tech News

LG Smartphone With Detachable Second Screen

Next month at the Mobile World Conference, LG is revealing a new type of smartphone that promises to change the game entirely. The electronics company based in South Korea is said to be revealing a phone that brings in the option of attaching a second...

Nature & Tech

Tips: This Is What You Do In A Hurricane

Taking precautions is especially important for those who live in hurricane-prone country during the hurricane season, but preparing for storms and natural disasters is advisable no matter where you live. First responders from all over America have compiled...


Hilarious Photos Captured At Airports

If you think about it, Airports are probably the weirdest public spaces that exist. Scroll through to see the people that were able to capture some hilarious airport moments. See our list of hilarious photos!
The Face Of Reason

Yoo Byung-jae (유병재) is...