Author - Brett Loewe

Traveling musician. And I write about it. Isn't that fun? And what do you do to be happy in life?

Cool Stories

Watch: World Record Hand-skating!

The good people who we share this world with are capable of truly horrible things. For every act of barbarity that we see which reminds us we’re no better than or predecessors, though, we get to see someone proving the amazing limits we can take our bodies...


Hilarious Photos Captured At Airports

If you think about it, Airports are probably the weirdest public spaces that exist. It’s the place that is full of adventure and bad body odor, and drinking a beer at 3 a.m. is totally acceptable. Sleeping on a bench or walking around barefoot are actions...


Donald Trump And His Science

Growing up, I used to listen with part-wonder and part-bemusement at some of the things I’d hear Ronald Raegan had once said. My father grew up in the United Kingdom but got to pick up on a lot of the ‘greatest hits’ of one of the more...


Hilarious Pet Owner Revenge Signs

A dog is a man’s best friend. Well, that’s true when the man is in the house. But when the man is out… all hell breaks loose. On one hand, they are dogs, and they do not know ALL the house rules. To them, if a doll is on the floor (or very...