Author - Brett Loewe

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Hilarious Photos Captured At Airports

If you think about it, Airports are probably the weirdest public spaces that exist. It’s the place That stinks of adventure and bad body odor, drinking a beer at 3 a.m. is totally acceptable, and sleeping on a bench or walking around barefoot are actions...


Privacy Invasion Big Time, in China

For some time now, TV shows such as Black Mirror have tried to show us how technology could lead to an Orwellian state. It might sound daft when Black Mirror is just a TV show, but when you find out just how close some of the episodes are to reality, it...


Science? Roller Coaster Removes Kidney Stones?

The world is, increasingly, a rather odd place to live. While the web has obviously opened up a new means of communication and commerce never seen before, it’s also the gateway to insane stories. While many stories you read today often leave you with that...


Discovered: The Worlds First Angry Customer

Few things are more irksome in the world of shopping than hearing someone just ahead of you in the queue utter the word “complaint”. When someone wants to speak to the manager, you can expect the whole store to be held-up while someone with a drastic...


Horny Dolphins Close A French Beach

We usually hear about beaches that are shut down because sharks where spotted. This case is different. The hostile nature of one horny dolphin named Zafar has forced the authorities in this small French town to shut down the beach.
In the seaside town...