Author - Brett Loewenstern

Traveling musician. And I write about it. Isn't that fun? And what do you do to be happy in life?


Hilarious Photos Captured At Airports

If you think about it, Airports are probably the weirdest public spaces that exist. It’s the place that is full of adventure and bad body odor, and drinking a beer at 3 a.m. is totally acceptable. Sleeping on a bench or walking around barefoot are actions...


Watch: Amazing Singing Groom

Whether it’s your special day or you’re just celebrating along with everybody else, weddings are happy and wonderful events. Tears of joy, laughter and countless emotions – that’s what weddings are made of. A wedding is not just about a couple...


Die Hard Wins Big Time (Finally)

With Die Hard being written off as a Christmas movie by John McClane himself, fans of the movie are naturally feeling their noses a touch out of joint. A classic Christmas movie for those who cannot stomach stuff like The Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s...