Author - Dale Brandenbird

I started writing in my hometown of Bern, Switzerland. I move around a lot so I can still write and enjoy life. You should try it too!


100+ Of The Funniest Parents Ever

Parenting is tough. Kids are great, the light of our lives, but sometimes they can really try our patience. That’s why it’s so important to have a sense of humor because if you didn’t they would literally drive you insane! These parents...


Danger Zone: Secrets About Top Gun

One Of The Biggest Films Of The 1980s

Top Gun was one of the biggest movies of the 1980s, inspiring many catch-phrases (“I feel the need for speed!”), igniting the career of Tom Cruise, and creating a stable set of acting jobs for other actors and...


30 Best ‘Walking Dead’ Characters

From survivors to Saviors, the Governor to Negan – the greatest heroes, villains, and everything-in-between on AMC’s hit zombie-horror show. Walking Dead fans have learned to accept that no one – and we do mean no one – on the show is guaranteed to...