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3 Times You Had To Laugh When At The Airport

There are things that you can accept in certain places, and in other places not. For example, a man in underwear is totally ok when it happens in front of a TSA guy at the airport. In your workplace? Not so much. In other cases, you would accept annoying...


Unseen Groovy Pictures Of Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson was the human embodiment of an enigma. He achieved the legend status as a musical genius, fashion icon and international sex symbol. Prince is not any ordinary pop star and has sold more than 100 million records around the world. He is...


Celebrity Splits Of 2018

Although 2018 was a lucky year for love with some Hollywood couples, for many it was the year they said goodbye to their relationships, new and old. Take a look as we count down all the celeb break ups so far of this year, starting of course, with the two...


Famous Stars Turning 70 In 2018

None of these celebrities look over 70 and you will be surprised at the people that have made this list.  The years have passed and for many of these guys, it has been pretty kind.
This list is full of the celebrities that are reaching the grand old age of...


Celebrities Who Could Be Twins

Twins or Long-lost Siblings, Which One Is It?
How cool would it be to meet your doppelgänger? Although we haven’t been so lucky, some A-lists have. We’ve spotted spooky similarities amongst these celebs…

Are Olivia Culpo and Eiza González...