Author - Manuel Moreno

Veinticuatro años. Venezolano. Escritor de pasatiempo y amante de la buena vida. Emprendedor y aventurero. Mente de ingeniero y corazón de músico.

Twenty four years old. Venezuelan. Writer of hobby and good life lover. Entrepreneur and adventurer. Engineer's mind and musician's heart.


Helpful Hacks For An Organized Life

Big blow-ups of frustration in life usually happen because of all the little moments. Before the little annoyances that you face every day push you over the edge, take a look at these helpful habits.
Stop scrambling for the keys every single time you need to...


Star Tracks: Celebs At Home

You won’t believe how our favorite stars spend their time at home! Whatever you think they do, your wrong! Check out stars at home!
Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell always knows how to make light of situations and put a smile on our faces. The actress and mom...


No Parole For John Lennon’s Killer

It is the tenth time the killer of John Lennon will be denied parole. His ‘debt’ has not been paid in full. After hearing his plea for a parole consideration, the board concluded and was quoted to have stated that releasing Mark David Chapman “would be...


Famous Stars Turning 70 In 2018

None of these celebrities look over 70 and you will be surprised at the people that have made this list.  The years have passed and for many of these guys, it has been pretty kind.
This list is full of the celebrities that are reaching the grand old age of...


Jaguar Goes Wild in Zoo Escape

As one of the most fearsome animals in the jungle, the jaguar is not a creature to be trifled with. They are rapid, vicious and very much trained killers. For that reason, the idea of keeping one in a zoo or any kind of enclosure feels needless and dangerous...


Photoshop Help Goes Hilariously Downhill

Everyone loves a good selfie, and now we have mobile phones so we can take photos all the time – ourselves, our pets, and our day to day lives.  The only trouble is that sometimes the pictures don’t turn out just as we want them.
It may be that there is...