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World Cup 2018 – The Supporting Wags

While everybody is expecting to see their favorite players get on the field, there are some who look away from the field and search the stands and sidelines. They are searching for the supporting WAGs of these famous players.
Some wives and girlfriends stay...

Urban Art

The Zombie Apocalypse Car Design

When you drive through a zombie mob gathered outside your secured neighborhood, you know, like every morning on your way to work, you might, accidentally of course, hit a zombie or two. Or five, or hundreds.

The important thing is – Don’t panic...

Fun Trends

15 Hilarious Family Photo Remakes

These are hilarious, no doubt about it. These photos always make us want to recreate a family photo ourselves, so we start searching the dusty old photo albums and try to pick one out, only to discover that most of the people in the photo live 3 days away...