Author - Nir Keinan


Musical Playlists Built on Your DNA

While it might all sound a little too “Humans of Late Capitalism” for some, it appears DNA-driven musical playlists could be a thing. The streaming era has brought a huge amount of pros, as well as a fair amount of cons depending on your viewpoint and...


Apple Soon to Be Worth $1 Trillion

There have been so many speculations about Apple’s real worth, and soon we will not need to make any more guesses because Apple will soon be declared the first Company to be valued at $1 trillion. Well, if things continue to go as planned.
According to the...


Test Yourself: What do you know about Earth?

[wpViralQuiz id=25285 columns=2]
Think you’re smart? Why not test yourself to see if your brain has coffee table information. If you ace this you might want to try out for some TV trivia show. You could win some money with all that information locked...