Author - Noah Jones

I spent most of my earlier days writing at local Newspapers in Los Angeles. I'm also a graduate of UCLA having studied Journalism and Creative Writing, earning two different degrees in one. So have fun reading


The Loudest Rock Concerts Ever Recorded

When you leave a music concert or a gig, you can often like you have just your ears filled with paper. The ringing noise in your ears sticks around for a long time, as does the necessity to go “WHAT?” to just about anyone you speak to. Even going to see...


WOW: Man-Made Perfect Handwriting

While life is all about typing and using the computer today, it’s not uncommon to find someone who still likes to communicate via the written word. I’ll admit and say that I’m lucky to have been born in the 90s, as my writing looks more like drunken...


Final Results In: Does Coffee Make us Healthy?

This is what science says from recent reports. There are many people who start the day with a cup of coffee, the frequent consumption of this beverage has been criticised in many ways, but the new findings will come as a relief to those people who have been...


Wow: Jaw Dropping Animal Camouflage

Animals are, of course, the best thing about this hunk of rock that we live on. Sure, technology is cool and stuff, but animals trump anything we mere meat bags can ever accomplish. So, when we came across this awesome collection of animals and creatures that...


Disney Takes It Up A Notch With Sound Quality

With The Avengers: Infinity War just released worldwide it’s interesting to see just how much hype there is around the movie. As one of the biggest cinematic releases in some time, and one of the largest in terms of costs to be produced and expected income...


The Amazing Life of Brooke Shields

It is difficult to remain indifferent to the dazzling Brooke Shields, with her big blue eyes, amazing smile and her illustrious thick eyebrows, it was not difficult to say that she would become one of the leading ladies of Hollywood. Brooke was born in...