Author - Noah Jones

I spent most of my earlier days writing at local Newspapers in Los Angeles. I'm also a graduate of UCLA having studied Journalism and Creative Writing, earning two different degrees in one. So have fun reading


Look Into the Future of Music for 2017

2016 staged some unexpected comebacks like All Saints, Craig David and Rick Astley. There is so much upcoming music that we can look forward to listening to and possibly even dancing to by ourselves at 4 am while no one else is watching! Of course, 2016 had...


Similarity Between Baroque and Christmas

Baroque makes a comeback at this time of the year. Everything is decorated, from our houses, to whole streets and city squares. Garlands and angels are everywhere.
The idea of Christmas decorations comes from 19th century. The first Christmas tree was placed...


James Franco Mixes Art & Movie

Many actors just want to try themselves in another form of art, and if they succeed, they rarely have a chance to mix the two art forms into one piece. Well-known actor, who’s also an artist, James Franco reveals that he had the opportunity to combine...


This Year’s Music Retrospective

After almost two decades of piracy and scalping, the music business in 2016 can be considered as “not terrible” at least. There were many artists who intended to push the big scene a bit higher this year. There were many events and artists on the...


Can Brexit harm art?

The main names from the art world expressed concerns about the influence of Brexit on art in near future. They believe that diversity and the ramifications of Brexit could be the key industry issues of 2017. People like playwright Tanika Gupta, director...


Homeless People in Montreal Opera

When was the last or the first time that you heard of homeless people making opera? Well, it is very rare, but that’s exactly what’s happening at l’Opéra de Montréal these days. Opera house is collaborating with the local agency that helps...


Best Photography Books in 2016

With the year coming to is end, now is a good time to review the best photography books release this year. It wasn’t an easy task to recommend to best ones; there are really so many good books out there. Here are out top 5 books picks for 2016...