Author - Ronit Shor

Don't care much for hard news. It brings me down. I want to be happy and secure, so I write about it!


Watch: Cop Rescues Tied Dog

What a perfect example of the countless times our brave police officers save lives! So many times in our modern society, thanks to the evolution of social media, we are so quick to find ways to judge others and find something to be offended by. Even though...

Tech News

Bets Future Ever: IBM Unveils Coffee Drones

IBM seems to have wasted no time in patenting this idea. It is a coffee delivery drone that can detect when you are tired or in need of a drink. It has been designed to recognize signs such as blood pressure, facial expressions, and dilated pupils who are...

Nature & Tech

5 Photos We Will Never Forget from WWII

As we all know, today marks the 73rd anniversary of raising the flag on the Iwo Jima photo (and battle). Iwo Jima was an Island between Japan and the Mariana Islands. The taking over of Iwo Jima was not planned but still, Americans made history, defeating the...


Celebrities Who Live by Yoga

Being in the spotlight 24/7 is a stressful way to live, and what better way to relax and get in touch with yourself than practicing yoga? These celebs know as much and are therefore major yoga enthusiasts. From Britney Spears to Sting, these guys have found...