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Watch: Porcupine Vs. Human

Porcupines are slow-moving and docile animals. They don’t harm anyone and they are no threat to other animals, unless they are attacked. Armed with thousands of sharp quills, their only defense is to bristle their quills and swing their bodies to jab an...


Get Your Dog A Beer. Now You Can (Can? Can!)

For many dog owners, their dog tends to be among their closest friends. The kind of loyalty often shown by a dog simply does not happen too often in life. It’s for this reason that, when we have a dog, we can enjoy social activities with it like we would a...


Anguilla: Your Next Travel Destination

When you look about setting up a little holiday and trip abroad, you often look to the same old places. Locations in Spain, Southern Europe, the United States, and Asia often come up.
If you are looking for something a touch more ambitious and unique, though...

Entertainment News

The Top Selling Tours of 2018

As the year begins to draw to an eventful close, we’ve been blessed with our fair share of epic performances across the year. Some of the major performances have come from obvious names, some less obvious. Let’s take a look, though, at what some of the...

Tech News

Top Google Searches of 2018

With the year now coming to the end of its timespan, it’s time to start looking back on 2018. It has been quite the interesting year, with a hell of a lot of change. The world, though, feels very much on the precipice of massive, lasting change. If you ever...


A Giant Black Hole Merger Has Been Discovered

The total count of black hole mergers we know about today is ten. The recent addition of four black hole mergers which were previously not considered has been documented and accepted by the scientific community. Among the newly added black hole, mergers is a...