Author - Jon Dungol

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Top Inventions That Made Millions Despite All Logic

The world, as we all know, is full of odd people. Great people. People with visions. Some people, though, have the vision but not the execution. Others have the execution, but no vision. Sadly, it would appear that there are many examples in history of the...


Soon: Private Replies In WhatsApp Group Chats

As one of the most commonly used phone apps on the planet, WhatsApp is the go-to choice for mobile communication. It’s used by a good portion over a billion people, and is used for everything from group chats among friends to after-hours business brain...


Terrifying Halloween Records to Scare You Silly

As one of the most wonderful yet terrifying times of the year, Halloween brings people together through the ability to scare one another. It’s one of the best ways for you to have some fun and to make people feel a little worried, but it is by no means a...


Pros and Cons Of Apple Data Download

With the world finally wakening up to the horrors of all those privacy policies we’ve agreed to in the past, privacy has become a major conversation topic in the last 18 months. It’s about time. Too many people have seen ‘free’ services and signed...