Author - Jon Dungol

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Think These Healthy Foods are Great? Think Again

Life is full of surprises for us. often, foods that we would think are really good for us are terrible for us – and vice versa. It’s a common problem, and one of the main reasons why many of us eat such poor and radically unbalanced diets. When you cannot...


Finnish Singing Taxi Service Makes Waves

Do you ever get into a taxi, feeling glad for the ride home, only to find out you have no money left?
Well, this can be awkward. You can either pay up the driver with a credit card in some cases, you can get money from your home or you could go to a bank...


Huawei Reveals New 8GB RAM Smartphone

Improving all the time and growing stronger, it’s no surprise that smartphones are now seeing massively powerful hardware installed within. Once deemed a long-term aim, it’s now known that Huawei has managed to build its first ever smartphone capable of...


Watch: Probably The Longest Tongue In The World

Adrianne Lewis believes she has the world’s longest tongue measuring a whopping 4 inches. Her serpent-like appendage can touch her nose, chin, elbow, and even her eye with a little help. And she is currently in talks with Guinness World Records and waiting...


Beyonce and Jay Z Drop a Surprise Album

There may be an argument about who is the one true queen of Pop. But one debate is already settled, as Beyonce retained her title as the queen of surprise album drops.  As you all probably remember, she released her eponymous fifth studio album by...