Author - Jon Dungol

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Bruno Mars Set to Play Prince

As one of the most iconic musicians of all-time, the passing of Prince naturally hit the creative world hard. Since his death, we’ve seen multiple nods and tributes to one of music’ most beloved participants. However, one of the most exciting creations to...


The Best ‘You Had One Job’ Pictures

It couldn’t have worked better if it was planned. We think we’ve seen them all, the misspelled signs, the hilarious symbols, the signs stating the obvious and the funniest things out there that were caught on camera. However, if there is one thing we...

Lifestyle Tech

Google Launches New Celebrity Video App

With the world being ever-more interested in celebrity lifestyles and living, it’s no surprise to see Google acting accordingly. As one of the most powerful tech firms on the planet, Google have a unique habit of getting there before everyone else: and with...


Will POTUS Trump Lose His Hollywood Star?

For a celebrity, few things can be more damning to be told: losing your Hollywood Star. Easily one of the most important accolades that a celebrity can get, the fact that you can actually lose your star is a major kick in the teeth. Well, it looks like one...