Author - Jon Dungol

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Animals Science

Stunning: See Animal X-Ray Pictures

One of the most important things a zoo can do is carry out regular check-ups and medical checks on their animals. Good quality health is so important in a zoo, and this is part of the reason why animals in the zoo often look so healthy. However, one of the...

Tech News

Pros and Cons Of Apple Data Download

With the world finally wakening up to the horrors of all those privacy policies we’ve agreed to in the past, privacy has become a major conversation topic in the last 18 months. It’s about time. Too many people have seen ‘free’ services and signed...

Cool Lists

The Four Fastest Cars on the Planet Today

As one of the industries that never seems to stay still for a second, supercars are always changing. What was once seen as the crown jewel of the auto industry will quickly be seen as nothing more than a relic within a few short years. That kind of pace means...


Watch: Alligator Gets a Prosthetic Tail

This is the story of Mr. Stubbs, an alligator without a tail. If you know a little about these reptiles, you will agree that they cannot swim without their tails. Mr. Stubbs the alligator had been ‘grounded’ for so long until a special prosthetic was...