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Tech News

Top Google Searches of 2018

With the year now coming to the end of its timespan, it’s time to start looking back on 2018. It has been quite the interesting year, with a hell of a lot of change. The world, though, feels very much on the precipice of massive, lasting change. If you ever...


A Giant Black Hole Merger Has Been Discovered

The total count of black hole mergers we know about today is ten. The recent addition of four black hole mergers which were previously not considered has been documented and accepted by the scientific community. Among the newly added black hole, mergers is a...

Animals Earth

Dog Discovers 13,000 Year Old Mammoth Bone

I spend a lot of energy commanding my dog to stop digging in the backyard. After this story, maybe I will just allow him to dig, he might find a treasure in my backyard. In this case, the little dog discovered something spectacular and of huge scientific...