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Tech News

Space Odyssey: Getting Closer To A Real HAL

A few years after the hugely successful Iron Man movie series came out, people got to work on building JARVIS, the loveable AI system used by Tony Stark. However, one AI system that was probably popularized long before we could get close to realistically...


A Remote Tribe Killed a US Missionary. How?

Unless you manage to basically avoid all news this week, you’ve likely seen the latest piece of untouched humanity we’re about to ruin and corrupt. The remote, previously undiscovered tribe that was located by a US Missionary, who was then killed...


Today It’s Easier To Find Habitable Planets

For years, the search for habitable planets has gone on. However, there is often little to no genuine progress. one such change to that, though, has come from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), as well as the Paris Observatory. Working...

Earth Science

How One Japanese Island Seemed to Vanish

In the rapid and exceptional changing pace of our world, it’s hard to notice everything. Don’t pass through a city for a month or two, and it changes a fair bit. Don’t pass through for a year or two, and it’s transformative. However, things like...

Tech News

Soon: Private Replies In WhatsApp Group Chats

As one of the most commonly used phone apps on the planet, WhatsApp is the go-to choice for mobile communication. It’s used by a good portion over a billion people, and is used for everything from group chats among friends to after-hours business brain...

Animals Science

Stunning: See Animal X-Ray Pictures

One of the most important things a zoo can do is carry out regular check-ups and medical checks on their animals. Good quality health is so important in a zoo, and this is part of the reason why animals in the zoo often look so healthy. However, one of the...