Author - Emily Smith

Twenty-one years old, with green eyes, pretty good teeth and currently venturing through Philosophy and Literature degree. But all that is semantics.
What’s important to know is that I have a passion for creative writing, reading and travelling and a love for deep ideas, deep people and deep tubs of ice cream.


Cute Love Born On Set

People always want a cool story of where they met ‘the one’, but when you are a star, the places you can meet your significant other are a little more glamorous than most ordinary folk. And what story is better than meeting on-set??
These celebs gave such...


Designer Dresses We Wish We Had

Fashion is a powerful thing. It’s almost a language for many people, an outward expression of yourself and what you want to present to the world. And let’s be honest, it’s incredible what a little skin can do to get you noticed.
This list counts down...


The Powerful Women Of Hollywood

When it comes to women in Hollywood, we have made leaps and bounds. From a time where actresses were viewed solely as love interests, singers were marketed solely as sex-symbols and woman filmmakers were practically non-existent, we have entered into a new...


Celebrities Turning 50 In 2019

Happy birthday!! All the stars you will be reading about here are celebrating or will be celebrating their 50th birthdays in 2019!! Some are looking exactly as they did 30.. well, maybe not 30 years ago, but definitely 10 years ago.
They do not age! you...


Stars and Their Kids Dress Like Twins

You may think matching outfits with your kid is a step too far or plain weird, but these celebs prove that dressing like twins with your mini-me can be one of the cutest and most fashionable things to do.

It may be because they are plain gorgeous or world...


Funniest Parenting Pictures Ever

Parenting is tough. Kids are great, the light of our lives, but sometimes they can really try our patience. That’s why it’s so important to have a sense of humor because if you didn’t they would literally drive you insane! These parents...


Unusual Moments Caught on Google Street View

Google Street view is the new technology on Google maps that is a miraculous way of virtually checking out places you have never been before. But it has basically turned the whole world into one large candid camera.
Thanks to Google Street View, you never...


Ready? Burning Man’s Best Moments

A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers.’ Is the tagline for the Burning Man festival, and it lives up. Once a year people of all races, ages, and stages join together at Black Rock City to experience art and...


What Actors Endure For a Role is Crazy

Although acting is one of those professions everyone secretly wishes they could do, sometimes it’s not quite as glamorous as it seems.
There are actors who push themselves mentally and physically to fit their roles, some over-stepping crazy borders in order...