Author - Emily Smith

Twenty-one years old, with green eyes, pretty good teeth and currently venturing through Philosophy and Literature degree. But all that is semantics.
What’s important to know is that I have a passion for creative writing, reading and travelling and a love for deep ideas, deep people and deep tubs of ice cream.


5 Simple Tips for Combating Mosquito Bites

As the summer comes over the horizon, it’s easy to get excited about BBQs, long nights in the sun and spending as much time with the people who you love. Sadly, for all the glory that summer often brings, it also brings some much less enjoyable issues;...


Want to Check Out Decade Old Tweets? Now You Can

Do you ever come across someone tweeting some form of wisdom or advice, like it was the most obvious thing in the world?
It’s commonplace to find someone today opining their own expertise and their own quality. They always talk up how they feel today, often...


The Future Of Flight Experience

As one of the biggest names in aviation, Airbus is among the most popular transport groups in the European aviation circuit. Indeed, they’ve become even more popular thanks to their incredible decision to build mini-cabins for passengers who wish to get...