Moments You Can Only Find In Dubai

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It was in 1966 when sweet, sweet oil was first discovered in Dubai — but before this economic revolution, things weren't quite as luxurious! This simple desert port in the UAE traded pearls and spices, but it was totally old world. Suddenly, Dubai was one of the richest places on earth! What are the people up to, these days?

Cheetah Riding Shotgun

Why, what's this right here? A Savannah beast, chilling in the passenger seat? Yes, that's exactly right. Pet ownership is a completely different game over in Dubai. The more dangerous, the better!

Allegedly, this is less common now than decades ago. Residents might not want to flaunt their big cats in public due to the risk of a large fine. But in private? Still a secret thing! For awhile, seeing a cheetah in traffic in the Emirati city really was an everyday sight. Wild, much?

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