Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Misadventures That Made People Reconsider Getting Married


Across generations, the reasons why people marry have changed. For members of the Silent Generation (just before the Baby Boomers), for example, remaining unmarried was embarrassing. Marriage, therefore, was a necessity, and they committed themselves at a young age. By contrast, younger generational cohorts may go into matrimony for financial reasons, love, sex, and sometimes even simple convenience.

Studies show that there’s been a significant decrease in marital unions in recent years. Those who marry generally do so at a later age, and many defer or avoid having children. It could be that younger people find the practice impractical in an economically challenging modern-day setting. A small fraction of marriage cancellations can also be attributed to mishaps at bachelor/bachelorette parties. As comical as it may sound, the events you’re about to discover traumatized the participants to such an extent that many chose to avoid marriage altogether.