Bedroom Furniture Designs In French Classic Style

Whether you have just moved to your new apartment or you want to refresh & redesign your old bedroom, you need some exclusive ideas to make your bedroom design stand out. And of course you will need new bedroom furnitures. Your bed should be as much as stylish as comfortable. Because although you spend much of the time in your bedroom asleep, you start and end your day there and you will see your bedroom furnitures more than your workspace. So when it comes to choosing your bedroom furnitures and decorating you bedroom, it’s important that the room acts as a stylish, functional space where you feel relaxed and content. But that’s not to say all bedroom designs must follow the fashion, the room can also be a bold expression of yourself. May be you are into classic style and want to breath stylish and historical french air in your room.
Here are some examples from various french designers. You will surely get inspired by these beautiful bedroom furniture designs and create the bedroom of your dreams. I personally like Dominique Popihn’s white bedroom furniture most. You can also share your favourite bedroom furniture design in comments section if these are not for your taste.

Designer – Jean-François Chuet

Jean-Francois Chuet-2
Jean-Francois Chuet

Designer – Jacques Garcia

Jacques Garcia-3
Furniture Designs Jacques Garcia-2
Jacques Garcia

Designer – Bruno & Alexandre Lafourcade

Bruno Alexandre Lafourcade

Designer – Nicole de Roquefeuil

Nicole de Roquefeuil

Designer – Estrella de Cordon

Estrella de Cordon-2
Estrella de Cordon

Designer – Charles-André & Larissa de Brissac

Andre - Larissa de Brissac-2
Andre - Larissa de Brissac

Designer – Dominique Popihn

Dominique Popihn

Designer – Michel Héberlé & Rairies Montrieux

Michel Heberle - Rairies Montrieux

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