Behind-The-Scenes Photos Which Reveal The Magic

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Netflix and chill has taken over the world these days. But who's complaining? It's not the worst way to unwind on a weeknight, by a long shot! After a trance of movie magic, people sometimes wonder how those Hollywood folks make it all so believable. What's going on behind the scenes, and off the screens?

Escape From Reality

CGI is now used for the latest 3D graphics for characters, backgrounds, and special effects in films and TV. And it's elevated the whole game! Technology gets even better every day, but how did the studios manage before? 

There was a time when explosions on screen were real, of course. Some of the techniques were pretty creative, and surprising! And sometimes, it was just the relationships between actors that made the scripts come alive. Can any of that compete with the computer-generated worlds of today?

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