Greatest Construction "Innovations"

By Sabrina Gonzalez

Buildings, bridges, and other projects have a whole posse of engineers and architects to accomplish the task. As they should! But surprisingly, sometimes these jobs massively fail. Occasionally, it's unclear if there was a designer at all!

Blocked in, Now and Forever

Hopefully, the owners of this home are bikers, runners, or power walkers. There is no way in hot heck they can get a vehicle up their driveway into this garage! Who commissioned the pole, and why?

Maybe they have a very, very tiny car. If not, it's time for call to the city, rage to the max! Pride in work aside, the goal of any construction manager is to get finished quick. Sometimes, that impatience is bad for those left behind. Minimum standards are getting a little too negotiable, and it's time to expose the worst of the worst!

The wildest and wackiest construction screw-ups are just ahead — read with caution!