Best Job Ever? A Greek Island is Hiring A Babysitter for 55 Cats

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The fight between Dog People and Cat-people will probably never be over as the ones that prefer the cat are often mocked for their choice of a four-legged friend. If you are feeling down because of it and in need some feline love we have some good news for you as now you can actually get paid to stroke, snuggle, and just generally hang out with a bunch of cats. Not only that, but you get to do it on a Greek island.

It's just like the Mamma Mia movie, but instead of Meryl Streep going through her history with a song, there are a lot of loving cats.

You really have to enjoy the company of cats cause this job will require to watch over 55 of them. The job takes place on a ‘small paradise’ island called Syros, and involves running a cat sanctuary while the owner is away.

The job was shared on Facebook by God’s Little People Cat Rescue, and asks for ‘a mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats and would love their company’.

The post goes on saying "I am looking for someone who can take over the daily running of my Greek cat sanctuary in my absence. You will have 55 cats in your care and need to be able to overview them all + feed and medicate (big added bonus if you’re trained vet. nurse!). You will be expected to take the cat to the vet in case of illness and therefore will need to be able to drive a manual car. Apart from feeding the cats the cats will also need heaps of love and attention."

The best part is that Not only do you get to spend your days surrounded by fluffy cuteness, but you also have your living expenses paid for. The job offers "a fully paid (incl. water & electricity) semidetached modern tiny house with it’s own garden (direct view to the Aegean Sea) plus a salary."

The downside is that according to the post they don't get many visitors and the person who will take the job will have to be fine to be alone for that time. "We are located in a secluded nature preserved area which is very tranquil and quiet in winter time but busy during the summer. You’ll no doubt thrive best if you are the type of person who appreciates nature and likes tranquility – and rest comfortably in your own company. That said, you’ll never feel lonely in the company of the cats and you’ll be expected to live with a small handful of cats in your house." She is right about it, that is for sure.

The employment starts in October and lasts a minimum of six months, with an introductory unpaid two-to-four weeks at the start of the role. If you are interested you can check all the details you need here. Don't forget to bring a rope and a red laser.

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