Best Quotes for St. Patrick's Day

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As we all know, the Irish are people with a rather fantastic sense of humor. They know how to make others laugh, and their history of high-quality humor has long been a national attribute. Whether it’s gallows humor to lift negative spirits after a tough period or a comic appeal to get phones ringing and donations rolling in for a good cause, the Irish are more than just lucky: they are kind-hearted, funny and awesome people.

With St. Patricks Day not too far around the corner, we wanted to help bring you a little example of the wonderful sense of humor that the Irish are so popularly known for. If you would like to see first-hand proof of the multi-faceted, layered approach to Irish comedy, then read over this. you should immediately understand why the whole world joins them in celebrating St. Patricks Day in the kindness, spirit and charm that has been such a major attribute of the Irish for so long.

Get a taste of these awesome quotes, and when the big day arrives you should find it easy to mix in with the Irish who appear from all corners of the Earth to have a good time and some great craic!

The Ballad of St. Patrick

This awesome little poem is a fine example of just how comical the Irish can be. Take a read through this, you’ll understand why this day holds such significance in Irish culture:

Saint Patrick was a gentleman

Who through strategy and stealth

Drove all the snakes from Ireland

Here's a drinkee to his health!

But not too many drinkees

Lest we lose ourselves and then...

Forget the good Saint Patrick

And see them snakes again!

The Blessing of the Irish

May the Good Lord take a liking to you... but not too soon!

If there was ever a good luck saying that an Irishman could give you, this might just be the most fantastic of them all. If you are serious about having a good time in the presence of some Irishman, you’ll likely get used to hearing them say this to you!

Nobody Like the Irish

There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish and those who wish they were.

This tremendous saying is a fine example of what it’s like to be Irish. Top of the world, top of the morning and in full understanding that the rest of the world has a hankering to be Irish themselves!

Who else can have such a good time without causing a scene, anyway?

What It All Stands For

Belfast City Hall

“There are many good reasons for drinking,

One has just entered my head.

If a man doesn't drink when he's living,

How in the hell can he drink when he's dead?”

This is probably the most succinct explanation of what it’s like to be Irish. If you don’t like a good drink, then you might just be in the wrong company in this life!



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