Bets Future Ever: IBM Unveils Coffee Drones

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IBM seems to have wasted no time in patenting this idea. It is a coffee delivery drone that can detect when you are tired or in need of a drink. It has been designed to recognize signs such as blood pressure, facial expressions, and dilated pupils who are possible signs of exhaustion.

The drone proceeds to deliver a nice cup of coffee to you, such a relief. The drone is designed to be used in offices and enclosed spaces where dozens of employees sit for hours studying the screen of their computers while working. Now you don’t have to go through the hassles of fixing a cup of coffee because it will be delivered to you at the right time. This is a technology many businesses will be interested in adopting to improve the productivity of their employees.

The drone is enhanced with superior intelligence to identify the “cognitive state” of the employees in a workspace and deliver cups of coffee with the use of an unspooling string which the drone has been fitted with, and to avoid spills the cup of coffee is delivered in zip bags. Alternatively, the coffee can be dispensed from the drone directly into the coffee mug of the employees.

It is apparent that IBM has big plans for this idea. If it chooses not to sell the patent, it can proceed to develop the drone. Asides from the cognitive detection functions, the drone can also be ‘summoned’ whenever you need a cup of coffee while working on your projects. This can be done with a wave of the hands, a gesture that is recognized by the drone.

IBM filed the patent for its drone in the United States, a process that costs a lot of money. In the long run, the deal can become very profitable. Tech companies such as IBM have been keeping closely guarded secrets about special projects that are expected to become the next big inventions in the technology industry.


It is a good thing a tech company such as IBM are now considering the development of inventions based on artificial intelligence. We hope to hear more news about other patents for products targeted at making our lives better.

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