Predator Accosts Man Cycling Through Woods

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In life, we can often find ourselves just looking to escape from day to day living from a little while. We can do that in all manner of ways, from a quick trip on foot to a nice little cycle through some lovely terrain. However, if you happen to step out into the wilds and the woods, you had best be prepared to look after yourself. YouTube channel Deep Bush Survival is living proof of the need to be vigilant wherever we go; you never know what kind of monsters are out there waiting for you!

They show off all manner of videos about survival and getting out of tight spots in the world. One of their most recent videos, though, is one of their most popular – watch it and you will see why…

Shot in October 2015, this video shows one of their team heading off for a ride in a mountainous, forested area on his bike. Relatively away from civilization from the looks of things, he’s cutting around on his bike and continues to showcase a wonderful, temperate location that really is quite wonderful to look at. In the middle of the video, though, we see something rather terrifying appear amongst the long grass.

At first, he does not even appear to notice it in the grass, such is the quality of its camouflage. He only notices the creature when it begins to slowly rustle through the grass to get closer to him. Immediately, he realises that he is in a lot of danger – far more than you would expect going on a standard trip like this.

It’s a mountain lion; one of the most dangerous creatures that you could likely run into in the wild, unarmed and on your own. These are extremely powerful, intelligent and agile cats that could, if they catch you, do you some deal damage – in fact, it’s likely it could even kill you!

As you might imagine, he takes a few steps back but the lion only takes this as encouragement that it has him on the run and proceeds to bound towards him. If it wanted dinner, it was going to catch him in a matter of seconds.

Trying to talk it down, informing it that he is “much bigger” that cat seems entirely unbothered. It starts to circle him like any predator would, creating a rather anxious moment that leaves you wondering how the man is going to get out of this one alive. Trying to scare it away with loud noises, the mountain lion makes some terrifying, low grumbles – showing it’s hungry, and ready to strike.

He tries to mimic its noises, only proceeding to anger it further. A small gap in the film shows us the lion still following the man to the end of a path. Rather than keep this cat and mouse game going, though, he starts to walk towards it in a bid to try and make it think twice – and it does so.

Seemingly put off by not having everything its own way, the cat turns around and stalks back into the woods, off to threaten someone else. With over 2m views at the time of writing, this video is a perfect example of how quickly things can turn dangerous in the wild – and how quickly they can go back to normal, too. How would you react in such a situation?