Beyonce Breaks YouTube Viewing Records With Cochella Preformance

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As one of the most celebrated artists of her generation, Beyonce is a major hit for all manner of reasons. However, it’s down to her complete self-belief in herself and her ease in which she presents herself to the world that makes her such a magnetic personality.

It’s no surprise, then, that her Coachella 2018 performance was immediately seen as a stand-out moment of the whole festival.


Her major event at Coachella was dubbed before it even started as a musical act for the ages. Well, it would appear that all the bombast and hype has been worth it; Beyonce certainly made the most of her massive stage.

Indeed, it’s been one of the most impressive YouTube performers of all-time. Ever since they started to allow live streams on-site, YouTube has seen a new number of records set for live viewing people tuning in.

Well, according to the press, her Coachella 2018 performance brought in a massive 41m live views across over 200 nations. That’s a truly spectacular number of people tuning in, with her Saturday event being one of the most respected and celebrated of her career so far. Not exactly shy of breaking records anyway, this is just yet another one to add to her growing list of trophies.


As the most viewed live musical festival ever already, Coachella’ major events like this one have gone down a major hit. The bombast, the charisma and the entire energy of the whole performance made a huge splash in the industry. However, there are more records that have been broken here at Coachella – including a very important barrier.

For anyone who even has a cursory grasp of modern politics, the inequality across America is immediately apparent. So, the fact that Beyonce became the first black woman to ever headline Coachella in it’s close to two decades of existence is a major landmark in itself. Not content with constantly setting new records and targets with her performances on-stage and online, Beyonce now has opened the floor – quite literally – to artists who previously would have been ignored.

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As ever, Beyonce was very magnanimous about this, thanking Coachella for letting her be the first before listing off a large group of people who came before her that paved the way for her own success.

The whole show was a major celebration of everything from black history and pride in culture to education, creating a very powerful message that was definitely felt around the world. Indeed, she performed with a massive 200-person Historically Black College and University (HBCU) group throughout the show.

She even quoted the likes of Malcolm X, and also sang the “Black National Anthem” in Lift Every Voice and Sing. While many celebrities are happy to sit in the background and make very generic and dull comments about modern politics, Beyonce has used her platform for many good causes in the past.


This latest experience is just another example that she breaks the mold of the modern celebrity in some style.

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