Biggest Pop Culture Moments Of 2018

2018 has been quite the year with some major pop culture highs and lows. From royal festivities, YouTube fails, and wacky dance challenges to movements like #MeToo picking up with ground-breaking momenta.

With all these crazy highs and lows, we can only imagine what awaits us as 2019 rolls in…Sit back, relax and enjoy the rollercoaster of moments we have created for you.

Black Panther Conquers The Big Screen

The first ever major motion picture to feature an almost exclusively all-black cast, Black Panther dominated cinemas this year hitting some amazing box office records. and the best part is, Ryan Cookler the creator promises a sequel is on its way!

A Love Letter To Black Culture

The movie was described as “a love letter to black culture” and has kids everywhere yelling “Wakanda Forever”. Indeed, the movie elevated and celebrated its black female characters in specific and created an entire world where black people thrived and were given much-needed representation.