A Bizarre Brawl Ends Unexpectedly

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Usually, when we hear about a fight in the news, it starts with two men yelling, losing control, pushing each other around, which leads to an exchange of blows and usually ends up with someone being arrested, injured or in worse cases, dead.

But this fight was not like other fights as something unexpected happened. This video of 2 men brawling at a Sydney train came to a very different ending.

The fight was filmed and uploaded to Facebook. The two strangers are seen arguing about something, then a fight breaks out. The two men then proceed with throwing punches and kicks at each other.
The older man starts to bleed from his eye, apparently from the punches that he received to his face, and the younger man’s pink shirt was torn open in the chaos.

It’s not exactly clear as to what it was all about and what they were arguing about, to begin with. Although the video does show the older man challenging the younger one to get into a fight with him. What makes this fight noteworthy, however, is not how it has started but how it ended.
After a short exchange of blows between the two, the men started to talk which led to resolving the conflict with words.

"Look, you had a crack at me first, this is not how I intended my night to go... I'm trying to get home, I have work in the morning," the younger man is heard saying to the older one halfway through the video.

"If you don't mean it, I don't mean it,” answered the older man.

Then, to the amazement of everyone on the train, both men hug it out, and the video ends.

There’s a lesson that we can all learn from this incident. The two men were able to let things go and make it up with each other. Hell, who knows? Maybe if all fights would end with a hug like this one, then we would have world peace by now.

So remember: it doesn’t matter how angry you can get, or how people can piss you off in your daily life, or even if you come to blows over something, it’s very important to just hug it out afterward and move on. Just as these two Australian men did, in this short, but touching video.



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