Bizarre Spinning Ice Disk In Middle Of City

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Along the banks of Maine’s Presumpscot River, surprised spectators snapped pictures of a spinning circle of ice. The strange phenomenon is being called the Westbrook Ice Disk.

The spinning ice disk is estimated to measure just over 90 meters in diameter, and reminds the residents of Westbrook, Maine of a floating moon.  Estimated at just past 90 meters in diameter, officials aren’t entirely sure exactly when the disk formed, but based on reports from onlookers, it seems to have formed overnight or during the wee morning hours of Monday, January 14.

The disk has been compared to everything from the moon, on the city’s social media pages, to alien calling cards.  Doug Bertlesman explained to the Portland Press, “It kind of looks like a crop circle.  It’s pretty wild to look at.”

Slow Whirlpool

This isn’t the first spinning ice disk to be seen in Maine, and the phenomenon happens more frequently than you’d think.  It happens when a block of ice is swept along a flowing river, bashing up against the banks as it is swirled in the current.  This area of the Presumpscot River has a circular current, which results in a naturally forming whirlpool.

According to drone footage, the disk was spinning very slowly in a counter clockwise direction.  The Press Herald interviewed some of the onlookers.  Rob Mitchell, Westbrook resident, claims that several ducks had settled on the spinning disk, calling it a “big duck-go-round.”

As can be imagined, social media lit up with the phenomenon.  Comments have been humorous: “The aliens have stationed a large rotating disk of ice in the middle of the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine.”

Another comment draws a startling conclusion: “Circles and ice? Do we really have to spell it out for you? Mother Nature is a hockey fan.”

The residents of Westbrook, Maine had good reason to predict the end of the world; the phenomenon came in the same week that the moon turned blood red in a “super blood wolf moon” alongside a lunar eclipse.