BlizzCon 2018 Produces Dazzling Cosplay Again

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Every year, gaming giant Blizzard puts on their conference to show off their latest and upcoming releases. This year, at BlizzCon 2018, fans turned out in their droves to take part in the way they always do: by dressing up as their beloved heroes from series such as Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft.

Blizzard is one of the biggest names in gaming and easily rank among the most influential names in the entertainment as a whole. When they come to town you’ll notice a wonderful upsurge in marines, Zerg, mages, warlocks, paladins and even Tauren to be wandering around. That’s when you know that Blizzard is in town.

And this year, they announced some awesome stuff. The likes of a full remaster for Warcraft III was huge, and made up for the damp squib that was the Diablo mobile release. Despite the bad PR that release got, it’s a shame to see the developers look so lost on stage. The whole announcement was kind of hard to watch, and it just kind of sucks that the organizers left the people on stage announcing what was obviously something that wasn’t going to raise the roof to deal with the sour atmosphere afterward.

Still, fans obviously enjoyed themselves – some of the customers this year were simply breathtaking as you can see here.

From people cutting around as Jim Raynor to people dressed up in some of the Epic World of Warcraft loot from across the years, there was plenty to admire about the cosplay this year. Some of the dress-up was outrageous, with everything from takes on the like of Tracer from Overwatch to the Lord of Terror, Diablo, himself!

People love to go wild at these events, and it’s easy to see everything from proud Protoss to noble Night Elves standing around various stalls together, laughing and talking away. Oh, if only their respective in-game universes could be so harmonious…

From people roaming around as Illidan to those going for a strictly Halloween vibe, this kind of event always bring out the most wacky and wonderful fans of the Blizzard major franchises. Whether you are hugely into Blizzard games or want to just find out what all the fuss is about, you should go along next time: you’ll meet some wonderfully creative people who love to look absolutely outstanding for the occasion!

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