When Should I book a Domestic Flight?

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Flight fares are known to fluctuate due to many reasons. Higher demand for tickets can influence the rate at which it is sold at that particular time. There are also situations when the airline needs to sell out its tickets for the fast approaching flight schedule. In such a situation, it might be compelled to significantly reduce the flight fares in view of encouraging the public who wish to visit the flight destinations during that period.

The festive seasons and holidays are also periods when flight fares are quite high. Knowing the best time to get a good deal will require a careful study of the trends. However, some flight booking agencies have suggested the best time to get good deals.

Many suggestions projected by flight booking agencies and related online blogs suggest that the best flight deals are usually available at least 70 days before the departure date. Some frequent travelers have disputed this claim as merely a coincidence, while other reports have indicated that the best deals can be found at least 120 days before the departure date.

These assumptions may not influence the flight fares for some travel destinations that record high traffic such as tourist destinations. From these projections, it can be safe to assume that booking for your domestic flight well ahead of the planned date of departure can help you find some very cheap flight deals.

How much can we save?

On the average, you may be able to save about $200 or even more on flight deals. Your savings will depend on the location and how good the deal is at that time. Some flight destinations are known to feature very cheap deals, and the price goes even lower when there is a discount offer. Overall, finding the best fight deals may require some planning and daily analysis. If you have the time for this exercise, then you may just be flying at extremely low rates.

Checking the flight details daily, randomly entering in dates from 120 days to 21 days before your departure can reveal unbelievable flight rates. And you will also notice that on some days, the flight fares were significantly higher than other days. For example, booking for domestic flights anytime between 169-319 days may reveal higher flight fares with an addition of over $50, while booking very close to the departure date will reveal flight fares that may be higher by as much as $200.

Best days of the week

It is widely propagated that booking domestic flights on Tuesdays is the best option for everyone who wishes to enjoy lower flight fares. This makes some sense, Tuesdays are low traffic days, and the airlines need to make money.

However, other reports have indicated that Wednesdays are the best days to book domestic flights while Sundays are the most expensive days on domestic routes.
From these speculations, you can benefit by considering all these options. Some travelers must have noticed cheaper rates on Tuesdays to claim it is the best day to book domestic flights due to cheaper fares, same as Wednesday.

The claim that Sunday flight bookings are more expensive makes logical sense too. As earlier mentioned, you can start planning to get your cheaper flight bookings with the following information. Start checking for cheaper domestic flight fares at least 120 days to the departure date, and search for flight bookings on days such as Tuesday and Wednesday for the best results.