Brave Hero Saves Drowning Kitten At Own Risk

When we hear about people who have a strong bond with pets, there’s usually that semi-cynical reservation that they “only do it because it seems nice.”

Most people who do love pets, though, genuinely do. Even if cynics like myself can doubt their credentials – despite being an animal guy myself – it does not take much to see the goodness in a person shine through. All it takes is one act of kindness or heroism to show someone that their animal loving capacity is more genuine than someone might be willing to give them credit for.

Take this crazy video, where we see a cat majorly struggling. Cats HATE water and the have absolutely no time for it when it starts to rain. They aren’t really a big fan of the rain whatsoever, so when it starts to rain we always tend to feel for cats who get stuck out there in the pouring rain. However, sometimes the weather will take a turn for the worse and we can see some beloved little cats getting stranded in major situations.

In a flood situation, like this video shows, little cats are then left at the mercy of the Gods to come make sure that they are OK. If cats didn’t need to drink water, we’re fairly sure they would find a way to eradicate it because it’s like Kryptonite to a cat!

As the streets began to flood intensely in Talinn, Estonia, cats were being left out in the street without anyone there to help them. It’s just a sad fact of a flood – strays get left behind. However, two guys were driving through the streets trying to get out of the storm and get to safety. Then, once of the men spotted a little cat drowning in the flood waters.

As the water continued to rise, the precious ledge that was keeping him from certain death was not going to last much longer – things were not looking good. The two guys pulled up immediately and decided to fire out there to help the little cat. Dressed in leather jacket, jeans and trainers, our hero braves the elements and struts across in the storm to get the little man to safety.

Cars keep coming down the street as he eventually gets to the little man and gets him in the car. Then, the video ends – we presume that he made it back home alright, or to somewhere for the night.

Regardless, a glass is raised to the two brave lads who took on the elements to make sure that the cat was OK. well done to them!