South African Police Dog Terrifies Trainers with Surprise Find!

For law enforcement, one of their most common allies are their canine companions. They  do a lot of the work that humans simply cannot do themselves, and their discipline and loyalty to the force is truly something special. In South Africa, though, the dogs are especially noted for their street smarts and ability to spot a problem long before it becomes an issue.

Early in the morning, a police officer was helping to train up one of the new canines, making sure that the dog could get adequate coaching to start working with the boy in blue. Storing items in the field for him to find, the dog was supposed to find some items (easily enough) and bring them to the officers

Flying off as soon as they let go of the leash, though, he was fast at work and started to look anxiously for the items they had stored away for him. However, he soon stopped moving – entirely focused on one particular piece of the grass. Going over to see what was going on, the dog had something hanging from his mouth – a snake!

Watch as the officer takes off in absolute terror as the dog just holds the snake there for him. You might want to think about that in future mate – your dog has just shown himself to be even braver than you are!

So fast and so fearless, the dog had absolutely no issues in finding a snake and just dealt with it as if it was one of us dealing with a fly. If that bravery is part and parcel of his daily life, then the South African police just recruited one of their best members in a long, long time!