Bridal Heaven: Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Some would say that a young couples’ happiest day is the day they tie the knot. So when it comes to the celebrities we like, it’s not only a happy day for them, but for us as well. This list of celebrity bridal gowns gives us a bit more information about the stars we follow. We get to feel closer to them.

So if you need an idea for your wedding, or someone close to you, take a look at these celebrities and their amazing dresses.

Angelina Jolie

No more Brangelina, but we still remember the most amazing wedding dress idea ever, when she tied the know to Brad Pitt in 2014.

Family dress

The stunning gown was created by her designer friend Atelier Versace and it featured a fitted bodice with a plain waist and flowing full skirt. But the twist was the veil, which was covered in drawings and doodles designed by her children.

Hold your vows, there’s more…