Brussels Hosts 'Tram Bowling' Competition

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Trams in Brussels, Belgium, rammed large inflatable balls down their tracks to knock over a set of pins during the European Tram Conductors Championships on Saturday, May 4, DH reported.

This video, posted to Twitter, shows a tram rolling down the track on Rue Royale, next to Parc de Bruxelles, in an attempt to knock a large ball against the pins.

Saturday marked the eighth edition of the European championship, which involved 25 teams from cities as varied as Moscow, Istanbul, Berlin and Vienna, Jan Pannus, organizer of the event, told DH.

Laurence and Mesut of the Belgium team respectively won the gold and bronze medals for best drivers, STIB, Brussels’ metro operator, said in a post on Facebook. The next edition of the games is scheduled to take place in 2020 in Romania.

Credit: Dannielle White via Storyful