Dos & Don’ts When Buying A Valentines Present Online

Online shopping for Valentines usually ends up with me buying for myself… the problem is that I don’t always get what I paid for. So before shopping online, you should go over these online shopping mishaps

Bejeweled Mess

“Fool’s gold” is a term that would definitely apply in this young lady’s case. What seemed to be a regal tease ended up being a patched-together fail. Even Cinderella’s homemade gown was more appealing than this one!

The fit and cut of the dress are not appealing at all. Most of the time, you can get away with a few alterations to make a dress better, but in this case, it’s better off being saved for Halloween.

Trash The Dress

Talk about bodycon dresses – I’m not sure this man was meaning to follow the Kardashian’s trend. Or maybe this gentleman will take the opportunity to show off his time in the gym, trimming, toning, and building his muscles.

However, I think he meant to do so with a tank top rather than a skintight dress.

On the bright side, he could totally rock the look and flaunt what he’s got! Maybe another candidate for Halloween?

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