Can You Beat These Christmas Guinness Book Records?

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It is a few days until Christmas. So many people are looking forward to the big day. While some people have fun wining and dining, others are making history. If you are interested in taking up the challenge, continue reading to know some outstanding Christmas achievements that have made it into the Guinness Book of Records.

Artificial Christmas tree with the highest number of dazzling lights

This record has been held by Universal Studios in Japan for many years. The scene is at the theme park in Osaka; the impressive display has always made headlines since 2011. We have seen the lights on the artificial Christmas tree increase from 260,498 to 580,806 lights which was the record for this year. The team’s effort has been fully recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. Would you like to take up this challenge?

Longest wish list ever written to Santa

In Beijing, a scroll was created in 2017 it featured over 124,969 Christmas wishes to Santa. This is the longest wish list ever presented in the world. The occasion happened at the Santa Village, Mohe, Heilongjiang, China.

Fastest time to dress in a Santa costume

This wonderful record is held by a German named Andre Ortolf. He was able to wear a scarlet Christmas suit as Santa in 30.94 seconds. This amazing feat was done in September this year.

Largest tuba ensemble

During a rendition of ‘Silent Night’ at the Thirteen Christmas Carols and Hymns, the team broke a record and formed a large tuba ensemble in 6 minutes 34 seconds only with a whopping 835 participants. This record was set by the Kansas City Symphony in the United States.

Largest cup of hot chocolate

One of the favorite drinks to have at Christmas is hot cocoa. It helps to keep your insides warm. So a team of Mexicans made a huge cup of hot chocolate, it was about 4,816.6 liters. This happened on 6 January at Three Kings Day event. The ceremony is done to mark the day three wise men visited Jesus at the manger. The team behind this wonderful achievement are from the Municipo de Uruapa.

Largest chestnut roaster

Somebody had to do it. Roasting chestnuts is one of the fun activities at Christmas. The largest chestnut roaster measures 10.48 m in length, 6.23 m –diameter, and it weighs 650 kg. This huge chestnut roaster can process 1,100 kg of chestnuts at the same time. It was created by the Comune of Roccamonfina and Associazione Verde Collina in Italy.

Fastest time all the chocolates from an advent calendar were eaten

There are twenty-four chocolates on the advent calendar. In December 2017, Kevin Strahle AKA the LA Beast made history by eating them all in 1 minute 27.84 seconds. To do this, Kevin had to open the doors following the numerical pattern which means he opened the doors according to the traditional countdown to Christmas. If you have been given an advent calendar this Christmas, you can give it a try.

Fastest marathon wearing lederhosen

Running in knee-length lederhosen can be quite difficult. But one man was ready to break the records, and it was a marathon. David Smith, a Briton was able to finish 55th while participating in a marathon wearing his lederhosen. The marathon lasted for 3 hours and 33 minutes. This event happened on 3 December 2017.

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