Help? How to Overcome a Fear of Flying

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For years I found the concept of flying hard to get over. One of the first things I ever remember hearing about an aircraft was the name - Concord. While I would have been around 8 or 9 at the time, we didn’t have the money to go on holiday outside of our own country.

So, I never really cared for planes from a young age – when my first interaction with a plane was to hear about it exploding on the news, it left a long-term mark on my mind. First impressions and all that.

Anyway, for years I basically would find any unique way to avoid flying. For a trip, I’d insist that we’d drive from the UK and through other nations to get to where we wished to go. I’m lucky that those I travel with are just as good at enjoying a road trip as I am at suggesting one. However, it did leave me with a fear of flying for a large part of my life – so what can you do if you are like me?

Flying with Confidence

How can you avoid missing out on many important trips and flights in life through an irrational fear?

I recommend that you take a look at British Airways and their ‘Flying with Confidence’ program. For me, it was a life-changer: it really helped me to get over the parts of flying that scared the life out of me. You meet all manner of people in these places. I met people who take on dangerous trips for a living, driving vehicles in horrifying conditions, that simply could not step foot on a plane.

I met people like myself, who were left with a terrifying impression of flying from something they had indirectly experienced in childhood.

Changing your mind

One of the best parts of the process was that all it needed was for me to listen to the words of a professional pilot. Just as my dad used to put me at ease as a child when we’d drive in his old cars due to his skill as a driver, the pilots were quickly able to poo-poo and assuage any fears or worries that I had.

It felt great to have every “But what about…” question and fear batted back at me with a logical, legitimate answer that just made sense. The course even finished with a short flight, where I able to actually confront, combat and then defeat my fear all at once! Just some of the things that put me at ease here included:

  • Being able to learn more about how the aircraft works: learning about the operational details really made a big difference.
  • Speaking to the pilots had a huge impact, too. As I said, hearing it from a professional made a big difference.
  • Getting a better grounding on things like turbulence and other aircraft issues, helping me to see its akin to a car not changing gear as opposed to the engine exploding.
  • Panic and distraction techniques to help me stay comfortable when, as expected, something might go wrong during the flight and leave you worried.
  • Coping with the flight and taking small steps to appreciate where I was going wrong in my train of thought regarding flight.

If you are like me and find overcoming your fear of flying too much, I recommend that you take a trip to the British Airways Flying with Confidence program. It’s quite affordable and could make it much easier for you to start enjoying seeing the world without that constant fear of flying.

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