Cat Enjoys Spectacular Transformation Due to Unique Condition

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When we own pets, it’s hard for us to know just what might be ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ with them. The diagnosis of our pets can be a hard thing to do at the best of times. When we come across unique and rarely seen issues, though, it can become even more confusing as to what might be the problem.

However, cat owner Nicole Bohm managed to find a rather amazing condition that her cat was ‘suffering’ from. She found that she has the ability to change her fur coat!

Having rescued the feline alongside some other cats, she picked them up from a farm in Germany. Happy to have them around and to care for them, she enjoyed having the cats around. They seemed entirely normal, with nothing too unique or challenging taking place. However, over time she began to notice that there was something quite strange about the cats.

For example, Elli – unlike her sisters – started to show some significant changes in her fur coloring.

Black Turns to White

Small patches of black fur would be substituted for a bright white look instead. It was enough of an adjustment, though, for Bohm to want to find out what was going on. A trip to the vet was booked up, and what she found out about her cat was nothing to worry about.

What it was, though, was a truly remarkable discovery. Her cat suffers from vitiligo-like symptoms, which causes pigmentation in skin or fur to be lost. Despite often coming with a host of other problems, young Elli had no other health issues.

Over time, then, Elli began to go through a transformative change. She changed from a black cat with a small sprinkling of white fur to the total contrast. Now, she was a speckled cat with a totally white coat.

Despite the total change in her look, though, she never changed her personality. Or her relationship with her beloved sisters. Retaining her same playful elegance and eloquence as before, Elli merely had started to transform into a new look, not a new cat altogether. If you are interested, you can watch for regular updates on her official Instagram page.

It’s quite the story. If you see your cat beginning to go through gradual changes in fur, then you should probably get them checked out for vitiligo. While it can be a mesmeric change, it can be accompanied with some health issues so be sure to retain vigilance about what this could mean for your feline.