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Watch: Alligator Gets a Prosthetic Tail

This is the story of Mr. Stubbs, an alligator without a tail. If you know a little about these reptiles, you will agree that they cannot swim without their tails. Mr. Stubbs the alligator had been ‘grounded’ for so long until a special prosthetic was...


Watch: Cop Rescues Tied Dog

What a perfect example of the countless times our brave police officers save lives! So many times in our modern society, thanks to the evolution of social media, we are so quick to find ways to judge others and find something to be offended by. Even though...


‘Zombie Turtle’ Washes Ashore in UK

As one of the most majestic animals in the UK, the turtle is a unique species. They are very impressive, known for their comfortable lifestyles and incredible feats of aging. However, while we mostly associate the turtle with wisdom, knowledge and grandeur...

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Horny Dolphins Close A French Beach

We usually hear about beaches that are shut down because sharks where spotted. This case is different. The hostile nature of one horny dolphin named Zafar has forced the authorities in this small French town to shut down the beach.
In the seaside town...