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Watch: Saskatoon Police in Hilarious Lip Sync Video

Everyone loves when local law enforcement gets involved with the community! In the last few years, our boys in blue have really taken a hit reputation wise with all of the major media stories. It is a breath of fresh air to see something about them that is...


Watch: Rocket-Powered Bike Sets New Record

This video was taken on September 9, 2018, on the Santa Pod Raceway, in England, UK.
This is what the maker of the video has to say about the ongoings: “Eric Teboul was on his rocket-powered bike and set a new world’s best terminal speed of 286mph...

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Horny Dolphins Close A French Beach

We usually hear about beaches that are shut down because sharks where spotted. This case is different. The hostile nature of one horny dolphin named Zafar has forced the authorities in this small French town to shut down the beach.
In the seaside town...


A Guinness Record: The Worlds Largest Skateboard!

As one of the most exciting and interesting urban sports around, skateboarding brings people from all backgrounds and personalities to the table. It’s a unique and exciting experience and one that makes it so easy for people to show off their skills and...


The Best ‘You Had One Job’ Pictures

It couldn’t have worked better if it was planned. We think we’ve seen them all, the misspelled signs, the hilarious symbols, the signs stating the obvious and the funniest things out there that were caught on camera. However, if there is one thing we...