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Adorable Bird Feeding System Melts Hearts

When we own a pet, it becomes our duty to look after it and to care for it as if it was part of the family. While some pets are obviously more challenging to look after than others, it’s usually agreed that birds are among the most awkward pets to keep...

Animals Fun

Like Monkey, Like Man

For years, people have known that apes are smarter than your average animal. While the majority of animals are pretty basic outside of the routine they are bred into, some animals are forced to be a little bit more outside the box. When you see an animal...


The Dance Police. A Must See

We like everything happy. That’s how humans work. When things are not happy, we try and make them happy. If things are too strict, we try and find a way to let loose within the strictness.
When we expect hardship and find the contrary, we get happy...


Car Crash Proposal. This Guy Went Overboard

People are often assumed to fall in and out of love so many times in their lives. This one emotion can create the strongest of relationships and break the biggest of hearts all at the same time. It is a deep feeling that is a gateway to an array of actions...

Entertainment Fun

Ever Watch Crayons Get Baked Before?

One of the best things about having a creative mind is being able to use that creativity to make amazing things take place. Parents naturally need to be creative in a bid to help their children move forward in life, and for that reason many people find the...


Cracker Barrel Lovers Tour Every US Venue

As one of the most enjoyable cracker venues in the word, Cracker Bar restaurants are up there with the best drive-through foods that you get to enjoy. However, one couple decided that they loved Cracker Barrel so much, they would make a trip to every single...