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Watch: This Piano Duet Left Us In Awe

Everyone has a special skill. Whether you’re the best artist in town or you’re better at roofing a house, everyone out there in the world has something worth sharing with as many people as possible. It takes something extraordinary to be musically skilled...


The Most Inspiring Model. A Legless Model

For the last few years, the world has grown used to seeing people from challenging backgrounds to overcome it. These kind of stories are great feel-good stories and show us the true limits of the human body amid adversity. One story that recently broke into...


Inspiring Women We Should Listen Too

We had a good year, though there were some sad events as famous and inspiring people passed away and the whole #MeToo campaign ruled the media. But overall, it was a year to learn new things that will be improved on and applied in the New Year. Notably, among...