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Watch: Probably The Longest Tongue In The World

Adrianne Lewis believes she has the world’s longest tongue measuring a whopping 4 inches. Her serpent-like appendage can touch her nose, chin, elbow, and even her eye with a little help. And she is currently in talks with Guinness World Records and waiting...


We Didn’t Start the Fire: Students Pasta Disasta

When students are living during college and uni years, they often find themselves in comical situations. A mixture of immaturity, tiredness, a lack of application and an immature desire to ‘just see what happens’ fuels many of their decisions. From eating...


B-E-S-T Knock Offs Ever

When you go shopping online on certain sites or in particular parts of the world, knockoffs are very common. Some knockoffs are great – some are even better than the original. Most, though, are a minor percentage of the original product for a good...


Hilarious: Wendy’s is on the Hunt

Wendy’s is an American fast food chain founded forty-eight years ago. It is a popular chain and, like all fast food chains, they have internet critics like any other chain, but the guys at Wendy’s won’t take it quietly. They decided to give...


Worst Tic-Tac-Toe Game Ever

Unless you are new to the world of games and, well, fun, you will have heard of Tic-Tac-Toe. This comical game is one that drives a lot of people batchy; it’s very hard to win, despite being so utterly simplistic. Come up against someone decent, and they...


A Bizarre Brawl Ends Unexpectedly

Usually, when we hear about a fight in the news, it starts with two men yelling, losing control, pushing each other around, which leads to an exchange of blows and usually ends up with someone being arrested, injured or in worse cases, dead.
But this fight...