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Watch: Burning Tracks To Help Train Pass

The sparks are flying—literally!—in this eerily beautiful video footage of fires lit on the tracks of Chicago’s famed El train this week, meant to keep the trains running during the worst cold snap to hit the area in almost a generation.

The Arctic...

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Robot Hotel Fires Half Its Robotic Workers

If you are concerned about losing your job in hospitality to artificial intelligence soon, there is no need to worry.

A hotel in Nagasaki, Japan called the Hen-na (“Strange”) Hotel ‘fired’ more than 50% of the 243 robots working there...


Mushrooms Could Save The Bees

Scientist suspect that mushrooms could possibly restore the population of bees.

The average human being usually has issues when it comes to bees. Bees help pollination and this helps everyone, but alternatively, they sting people. Most of the time, a bee...

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LG Smartphone With Detachable Second Screen

Next month at the Mobile World Conference, LG is revealing a new type of smartphone that promises to change the game entirely. The electronics company based in South Korea is said to be revealing a phone that brings in the option of attaching a second...


The Most Preventable Injury-Related Deaths

There is a higher number of Americans becoming unknowingly overdose with drugs than death through a car accident or from a fall. This is based on a recent survey.

The abuse of opioid is currently on the rise in America. Its overdose is among the cause of...


China Grows First Plant On The Moon

Cotton seeds that were transported outside the earth by a Chinese probe for planting on the moon have finally started growing. This thus makes it the very first time that a plant will be grown on the moon.

While announcing it, images of the sprouted cotton...


Watch: Porcupine Vs. Human

Porcupines are slow-moving and docile animals. They don’t harm anyone and they are no threat to other animals, unless they are attacked. Armed with thousands of sharp quills, their only defense is to bristle their quills and swing their bodies to jab an...

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Tips: This Is What You Do In A Hurricane

Taking precautions is especially important for those who live in hurricane-prone country during the hurricane season, but preparing for storms and natural disasters is advisable no matter where you live. First responders from all over America have compiled...


Get Your Dog A Beer. Now You Can (Can? Can!)

For many dog owners, their dog tends to be among their closest friends. The kind of loyalty often shown by a dog simply does not happen too often in life. It’s for this reason that, when we have a dog, we can enjoy social activities with it like we would a...