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‘Zombie Turtle’ Washes Ashore in UK

As one of the most majestic animals in the UK, the turtle is a unique species. They are very impressive, known for their comfortable lifestyles and incredible feats of aging. However, while we mostly associate the turtle with wisdom, knowledge and grandeur...


Horny Dolphins Close A French Beach

We usually hear about beaches that are shut down because sharks where spotted. This case is different. The hostile nature of one horny dolphin named Zafar has forced the authorities in this small French town to shut down the beach.
In the seaside town...


Jaguar Goes Wild in Zoo Escape

As one of the most fearsome animals in the jungle, the jaguar is not a creature to be trifled with. They are rapid, vicious and very much trained killers. For that reason, the idea of keeping one in a zoo or any kind of enclosure feels needless and dangerous...