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A Remote Tribe Killed a US Missionary. How?

Unless you manage to basically avoid all news this week, you’ve likely seen the latest piece of untouched humanity we’re about to ruin and corrupt. The remote, previously undiscovered tribe that was located by a US Missionary, who was then killed...

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How One Japanese Island Seemed to Vanish

In the rapid and exceptional changing pace of our world, it’s hard to notice everything. Don’t pass through a city for a month or two, and it changes a fair bit. Don’t pass through for a year or two, and it’s transformative. However, things like...

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The Earth Map Is A Lie!!!

Turns out the Earth actually is flat. Those YouTube accounts with suspiciously large followings might just be right after all.
Sorry, jokes aside. It turns out that the world map that most of us grew up observing, though, might not be true either. The world...