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5 Simple Tips for Combating Mosquito Bites

As the summer comes over the horizon, it’s easy to get excited about BBQs, long nights in the sun and spending as much time with the people who you love. Sadly, for all the glory that summer often brings, it also brings some much less enjoyable issues;...


Final Results In: Does Coffee Make us Healthy?

This is what science says from recent reports. There are many people who start the day with a cup of coffee, the frequent consumption of this beverage has been criticised in many ways, but the new findings will come as a relief to those people who have been...


Being Your Own Twin: The Story of Taylor Muhl

Life is often a rather confusing process, throwing changes at us that we cannot understand or get our heads around. Like, for example, being your own twin. What? Or better said: WAT?!

Taylor Muhl from California has a rather weird situation going on...


Life Hacks to Avoid Like The Plague

While the growth of the internet has been a truly amazing thing for humanity, it has always come with some rather significant drawbacks that people simply do not think of. For example, the era of the ‘life hack’ has been upon us for a couple of years now...